Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stepping In

Yesterday after dropping the two big boys at school the two little ones and I went to do a bit of grocery shopping before heading out for the day. We decided to check out the new local Aldi which is great for cheap prices, but unfortunately it always takes us forever to get through the checkouts.

Well this time it would seem I was wrong, lined straight up, got through the checkout nice and quick. Great, or so I thought. While I was putting the few things into a bag I noticed outside a young couple yelling at each other, right at the top of the ramp that we needed to walk down to get to our car. Another older lady was about to walk out but came back to where I was as this couple started to get even louder. It appeared that the guy was trying to rip something out of the girl's hand, and using quite a bit of force to do so. I yelled to the guy on the checkout and asked if we should call the police because this guy was getting out of control. He called his manager, who came out and called the police as by this stage they had come into the shop screaming and carrying on at each other.

Had I not have had my children with me, I would have had no problems going and trying to get this couple apart. He clearly wasn't listening to her, (mind you, she wasn't listening to him either!) and they were baiting each other but I really hate seeing people acting like that towards each other.

For me though, my main concern was my children. I couldn't leave the store because it would have meant that they would have been in danger from this couple, who clearly were out of control. My moral dilemma though was that maybe I should have tried to step in and help stop what was going on.

Would you have stepped in, even with your kids right there? At the end of the day, I know I did the right thing for my children, but i'm curious if others would have done more.

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