Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've lost the fun!

Do you know what i'm doing right now? Well, obviously i'm sitting here typing this, but other than that? Nothing. Yup, that's right nothing! I'm in need of a break.

I'm having a shit couple of days where all I feel like i've done is yell and be a horrible Mumma. I really hate it when I turn into the 'psycho Mumma from hell' and i'm not entirely sure how to stop it from happening.

I've quite decided one of the reasons why it happens is that i've lost the fun in life. Yes I have fun with my kids, but half the time i'm too busy trying to get stuff done around the house to take the time out to have more fun. Let's face it, there is 6 of us in this house, there is always something that needs doing (even if I don't feel like doing it lol).

School holidays start tomorrow afternoon, and i'm trying to think of some things to do that brings back that fun. Lets hope I can find some things otherwise i'll probably sitting in the corner of the room rocking, while the kids trash the house. Something that they have become very skilled at!

Wish me luck!

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Blocks and Knocks said...

Oh wow I could have easily written this myself, but not quite so eliquently. I am seeing a similar theme throughout so many blogs, I think us mummies are just tired! There's so much to do, no time to do it in, lots of us are running small businesses, looking after husbands, and there is zero time left for us. No wonder we are going crazy!