Sunday, June 12, 2011

Party Planning

Back in the 'olden days', you know, the the time before having the kids used to love planning things. If we were having a party of any kind, i'd go into great depths of planning to make sure it would all come off exactly to plan. It would take me ages to do, i'd have many lists (quite often i'd have lists of lists lol) and i'd be in my element.

I think I got my love for planning things from my Dad who has been apart of the planning of many community events, so from watching him I have learnt a great deal.

So, why is it now that I have these crazy little critters, aka the kids, that I am finding it a monumental task to plan a children's birthday party? So far, the only major party we have had was for Master L's first birthday and since then i've been too scared to do it again LOL (sorry kids!)

This year, being Master H's first year in Prep has seen us attend many birthday parties. Far more than we have ever attended (I think he has been to more parties that I got to go to in my whole childhood!) so we have seen a bit of a range of parties so far this year.

But now its our turn to play hosts. As it would seem by many of the other kids who have celebrated birthday's, its the 'in thing' to invite the whole class, so we have done the same. I am very grateful to those who have already RSVP'ed, and to those who aren't able to make it, which there is a few so far so that brings the numbers down. But just because the numbers won't be the whole 22 in the class, that doesn't bring down the expectations of the party.

I'll admit it, i'm nervous! I hope we are doing the right thing by having it at a park. I hope we have enough food and drinks. But most importantly, I hope the kids have fun and don't go home saying 'OMG that was a boring party!'

Who would have thought that impressing 5yr olds would be such a stressful gig LOL Less than a week to go now till 'Party Day', i'm sure the stress is only just beginning!


So Now What? said...

Kids love a park party. I actually went to one the other day where they tipped a tub of icecream upside down, poured ice magic over the top and used it as their birthday cake cake and the kids went nuts for it!~

Good luck xx

Mrs B said...

you know, that could quite possibly be the best idea for a birthday cake i've heard in a long time lol Love it!