Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Grateful File - Day 5

yeah yeah I know, what the heck happened to Day's 3 and 4? Well even though I was grateful for many things, I was grateful for my pillow a lot more so I didn't get around to blogging those days.

But here I am, earlier today so that I don't have an excuse later on not to blog! Yes, I am making it my main aim for at least the start of the year to blog daily. Sure it might be mind numbingly boring to read, but at least its something to make me accountable. And surely that has got to be good, right?

Today has been a nothing day. No one to visit, no where to go, so what did we do, well not a lot LOL The day started with lots of tears from the Little Lady, who has managed to sprout another tooth overnight so was a bit of a grizzle guts this morning. So once she was in bed, it was outside to play in the sunshine!

Which leads me to what i'm grateful for today.


Talk about thirsty hot work out there! We played totem tennis, soccer and then basketball. So needless to say my glass was filled a few times.

Ohh water. What would I do without you??

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