Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Grateful File - Day 2

Today is one of those days where it hasn't been easy for me to find things to be grateful for. The kids woke up way too early, which meant they were squabbling with each other, Master P spent most of the day doing his cry/scream thing that he seems to love to do (whilst my ears bleed silently in the background). The Little Lady, although she was the best out of all of them is about to crack through her second tooth so was a bit upset all day.

The day was spiraling quicker than you can say corkscrew rollercoaster and then we remembered our secret weapon. A Christmas present that we hadn't cracked open yet because of the weather, and the fact that until New Years Eve our backyard resembled a jungle the grass was so high!

Our secret weapon and the thing that I am so very grateful for today?

The Slip n' Slide!

Well, that picked everyone up! The kids even picked up all their toys in the lounge and playroom just so they could head outside and have a go. Ahhh nothing like a bit of a carrot dangling to get the work done hey? ;)

I'm also extremely grateful that the very first photo that I take of the 4 kids this year, and they are ALL looking at the camera, and they are ALL smiling! Somewhat of a miracle and I think its the first time its happened LOL

Yes, even my biggest kid had a turn! Hey someone had to show the kids how to do it ;)

Master L getting ready to drop

The craziest of them all (well bar Daddy!). He didn't have the fear to drop like the other two

Master P, he was a crack up just running down then jumping on his bum at the very end!

Yes, even the Little Lady had a go. I'll spare you from the other pics of her, the one where Daddy layed her down and pushed her. She didn't like it much till she got up and laughed.

Putting these two in just cause I can. My pretty girl is growing up so fast!

So thanks Slip n' Slide! You got us out of the spiral for a few hours (before the overtiredness kicked in but hey, lets just focus on the positives now!) and made everyone laugh and smile.


Bec said...

Those pics are just gorgeous!! My sister and I were reminiscing about the slip & slide of our youth the other day when we got ours out for the kids.

Curvey Spice said...

you have such a gorgeous family, and yes, the power of a good bribe is a beautiful thing to behold!