Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Grateful File - Day 6

Well, this post was meant to contain photos, but it would seem that i'm just not meant to do that tonight as my 'lovely' laptop is trying to mess with my head and keeps dumping on me *sighs* Technology huh?! I love you to death laptop, but seriously cut with the crap already ok!

Today i'm grateful for being done. Done for what you ask? Well done for having to buy all the back to school stuff! Yes, we are heading back to school life after homeschooling for the last nearly 6mths. Wow, it has been so different this year getting ready than it was last year when Master L started Prep and that is mainly because we were too late to put in our bookpack order. That by the way turned out to be a good thing because I saved heaps of money by buying things elsewhere rather than just the newsagents school supplies store. But today I had to go and pick up the things that I couldn't get elsewhere.

But its all done!

Even down to the shoes for Master H. Amazingly enough, Master L's feet haven't grown much, if at all, since we bought them last year so no new shoes for him. Master H was so very chuffed to be walking around the shop this afternoon carrying his bag containing his new shoes. Makes a Mumma proud I tell you, and i'm not sure if that's because he is growing up or if its cause he seems to love shoes as much as I do ;)

I promise that once my laptop starts behaving that I will post the pic of my sweet boy, all dressed up in his new uniform, such a proud new Preppie!! Ok, laptop finally behaved. Here is our gorgeous boy, modeling his new school getup...

Today I am also grateful for understanding and realisation. Believe me, there will be a blog post all on its own about this, as I need to talk about it, but for now I have finally made a bit of a connection and I hope that it will be the start of the healing process that is so greatly needed here at the moment.

But for now.. its time for bed. Gosh, better start getting myself back into a proper nightly routine again so I'm not quite so zombie like in the mornings for the school run LOL I am so not a morning person!


phonakins said...

Kids look awesome in their oversized clothes just before kindy!

Anonymous said...

Well doesn't someone look handsome in his new uniform?!

Red Nomad OZ said...

Hey! Love your blog title! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

Dee said...

Master H looks so grown up!!!!