Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Session

For the last couple of weeks the lovely Thea from Do I Really Wanna Blog has been doing 'Sunday Sessions' A couple of great songs, to get your mood flowing for a Sunday. I thought it was an awesome idea, so have decided to have a Sunday Session of my own today.

First on the list today is an old song by Pearl Jam. I remember first hearing this song on the 'Jeremy' CD single, way back in the day (please don't ask me what year, I know it was far too long ago and i'm old now so the memory is fading haha). One weekend I had to go on conference with my Dad for work down to the Gold Coast, how boring hey? Yeah it sucked royally to be sitting beside the pool all weekend and then in the room at night watching movies, ordering room service and sitting on the balcony listening to the live music drift up from the pub down the road.

It was here that I heard an incredible version of particular Pearl Jam song, and since then it has been firmly etched in my mind as an awesome Sunday afternoon, chilling out listening to some tunes. So now i've bored you silly, here is the song....

Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam (excuse me while I go off and lust after Eddie Vedder. He was one of my teenage crushes after all ;) )

Now onto the second song on our Sunday Session play list. This one is a new find of mine and I am absolutely love it! I kept hearing it being played at random on Triple J, but never got to hear what it was or who it was by. So after some late night searches, trawling through the Triple J forum, I finally found it! The film clip is a bit long for the intro, but it is definitely worth the wait to get into the actual song. Love it!!

Sit back and enjoy but don't forget to go and check out Thea's Sunday Session too!

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Thea said...

Very cool songs!! :)