Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lego - The Obsession

As some may know, my darling husband Mr B has Asperger's. He was only diagnosed with this about 3yrs ago now, after many many years of wondering what the heck was wrong to make him think/feel/act so differently to 'normal' people. The diagnosis has been both a blessing and a hindrance, which i'm sure is a common thing (geez, I hope it is anyway lol).

Anyway, to the point of this post. Mr B has obsessions. Just like a child who has Asperger's goes through them, my husband does the same thing. Over the years we have had many, many different obsessions that have passed through our lives and the latest one we have dealt with is Lego. I used to love Lego and its little plastic bricks that would induce hours of fun creative play.

Did you get that I used the words 'used to'? Why that? Well because i'm simply over it. When you have someone who wants to eat, sleep and breath Lego it kind of gets a bit much. It is an all consuming obsession, just like most of them but this one he has now also passed down to the darling boy children who are nearly as obsessed as he is!

So I thought i'd post up some pics of Mr B's 'Lego City' as that is the series that he is working on. He has tried to get into the Star Wars series too, but i've been trying to put my size 9 foot down on that one because lets face it, Lego is NOT cheap at the best of times. But when you put the words 'Star Wars' on that paper box of man-boy pleasure it bumps the price up massively! If the Universe loves and listens to me at all, it will help a chick out here by either making it all go on major sale LOL or help him, and the boy children to stop the obsession.

This is not our whole collection of Lego that enslaves this house. This is just the stuff that is together and that should have a sign above it saying 'Mr B's Hands Off!' He did let the boy children play with some of the items, but they kept pulling it apart which would cause major meltdowns. So much so that one evening he went to the hardware store and bought some superglue and came home to stick it all together. Wonder what the grandkids will think of that in 30yrs time (at least kids! I don't want to be a Nana too young now ;) ) 'Poppy, why can't I pull the parts off this car or truck?'

Wonder who will get to explain that one? I also sit and wonder what will take his fancy next, and secretly wishing it would be a love of housework ;) A girl can dream right?

Mrs B x


Jodie at Mummy Mayhem said...

Wow! That is some impressive building there!

I wish we had some extra space to keep the Lego and keep the stuff the boys have made. I hate walking in to the boys' room only to step on small pieces. Yikes!

My 8yo will often get out his book on Star Wars and just build ships etc from that. He is the big Lego fan, but I think the 3yo looks like becoming one too.


Posie Patchwork said...

Fascinating!! I have a friend with a husband with Aspergers & his 'thing' is motorbikes. They have had 20 so far in their marriage alone, phew!! I'll be donig a Lego GiveAway soon, so stay tuned, love Posie
PS i have 4 awesome children too!!

Mrs B said...

oh my, 20 bikes? I'll have to keep that quite from MrB otherwise he might pick up that 'thing' next LOL (he has his bike license and w
would love a bike)

Off to go and check out your blog!

Thanks for the comments!