Saturday, November 06, 2010

Making Friends and Annoying Others

I am not a writer. I'll just preface this post with that incase you came here thinking you might get an intelligent thought provoking read. My style is more 'tell it like it is'. This is how my head works, its how I speak, so I just put down whatever comes out whether it makes sense or not.

It would seem though that my way of 'writing' seems to, shall I put it nicely, pisses people off. Probably not so much on the blog side of things, cause lets face it its been so damn quiet in here you can hear a pin drop. But in other areas online such as forums, emails, good ol' facebook and tonight it would seem commenting on other's blogs.

So how do others handle problems like this? 98% of the time I must admit that I do not aim to start any issues, fuel fires, burn the bridges lol but when it does happen I do sit here at a loss as to what the heck just went on.

If your comments have been taken completely the wrong way, do you try to make amends with these nameless/faceless replies to try and make peace or do you just move on and hope for the best?

My luck in my foot in mouth attempt at trying to make peace would probably only make things worse. So tonight, I shall shut my mouth.

What would you do though?


MarkF said...

I say what I mean and if it pisses someone off, too bad. I do attempt once to smooth things over if it is someone I care about, but if I am saying what I believe and it bothers you - that's your problem. (Well not YOU specifically, the universal you.)

Bottom line is - I don't require my friends to agree with me. I am happy to argue/debate anything, as long as it doesn't get personal. And if we still disagree ... that's not a problem for me at all.

Having said that, I have been blogging for years - in my mind. I am thinking of actually putting it down.

Then I can piss off so many more people. LOL!

Don't let it bother you.

Swift Jan said...

I usually try to make amends, then if they are still being all high and mighty I leave it....

I have been known the let fly in cyber land too HAHA