Saturday, November 20, 2010

Flabby McTabby

Two posts in one day. Amazing for me really, but in all honesty this is more of a brain dump than anything else as I need to get it out of my head.

This is me....

(yes I know, not easy to actually see the difference here with a baby attached to me, but I don't have many photos of anything other than my head LOL So this is as good as it gets right now)

This is what I looked like on the 3rd April, 2002...

It was on the 4th April, 2oo2 that I underwent surgery to have a gastric band put around my stomach. From then till now I have lost 54kgs, got married and had 4 beautiful children. My life, whilst it has been interesting to say the least, and a bit of a roller coaster still has been a good one.

So why is it, that I sit here, 54 bloody kilograms lighter and yet feel like I have not achieved anything in regards to weight loss? Why? Because of all the excess skin :( Sure its great to have lost that weight, I honestly do not think i'd have been able to conceive had I not have lost the weight. It's also great to be much healthier than I was back then but to put it plainly, I feel like shit.

Clothes don't fit me properly. I have to buy bigger sizes to get over my flabby skinned stomach, but then they fall down because they are too big. If I buy it in a size that actually fits, I get the dreaded 'muffin top'. It's like i've just gone down to Muffin Break and bought a dozen and packed them in my pants! Such an attractive look that one ;) I've tried the special 'control top' Nana undies, but i'm obviously still a freak of nature as those bloody things never work, they just roll down and make that muffin look like its got icing on the top. Am I sounding appealing now or what?

But its not just my stomach that I have the issue with. I have tuckshop arms! Heck I haven't even worked in the tuckshop yet and here I am, the lady who's arms continue to wave 5mins after my hand has stopped.

Last week MrB and I got an invite in the mail to a very dear friend of mine's 50th birthday party. Its at a yacht club, overlooking the beautiful bay, the menu sounds delightful and yet I sit here wondering what the fuck am I going to wear. It's not like we get a million invites to places, so the old wardrobe is a bit bare when it comes to items other than 3/4 pants and t-shirts (hey, at least its not just trackies!!) and i'm just taking a stab in the dark that it probably won't be appropriate for me to wear my daggy 3/4's and a plain t-shirt!

Some days i'm sure it would be easier if I was bigger than I am now. Damn it! I NEED an extreme makeover!!

ps.. and no, I still have no idea what to wear! What does one wear to a Yacht Club for a 50th birthday lunch?


Bronnie and family said...

Do you know what the tight, tummy-holding-in nanna undies do? They give me thrush. That's right, it's a TMI overshare, but I have no idea how so many women swear by them. I am continually told that I just have Sensitive Lady Parts (not always a bad thing if you know what I mean ...) but honestly, I would rather stab an eye out than pour my delicate features into one of those modern-day torture chambers.
Meanwhile, you look lovely darling, just go out and enjoy yourself!

Glowless said...

Surely linen pants, a blue and white striped top and a cardi draped around your shoulders? Add some pearls too, just for fun! Hehe.

Mrs B said...

LOL I too could look like this..

its a pity that its 'cocktail' style. Ugghh this body doesn't 'do' cocktail style!! LOL

Glowless said...

YES! Pleeeeease try to find that outfit!

Cocktail schmocktail, wear pants, a sparkly top & bling it up with nice heels & earring :)