Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Photo Catch Up...

Ok, as promised! Yes there are quite a few, but i've tried to put in monthly shots of Little Lady so you can see how much she has grown (I swear, its all in her head LOL she has the chubbiest cheeks now, and yes they are VERY kissable hehe).

Little Lady and Mumma

I love these two photos, Little Lady and her Daddy

awww just too cute, Little Lady 5th June 2010

First time in the big bath, 22nd May 2010 (4mths old)

In her swing, 16th April 2010 (nearly 3mths old)

Trying to get a smile on camera! 27th March 2010 (2mths old)

Precious Angel, one month old today - 22nd February 2010

Master H and Little Lady having a chat - 25th May 2010

Master P and his Little Lady (he likes to 'own' her lol) 24th March 2010

Master P, looking for Easter eggs - 4th April 2010

Master H and Little Lady, they had cuddles and chats for ages this day - 25th May 2010

Master H, posing for Mummy - 3rd April 2010

Master L, Easter Bonnet Parade - 1st April 2010

Master L and Little Lady, having some cuddle time - 1st June 2010

That's all the pics for now! But don't worry, there WILL be more ;)



Swift Jan said...

Beautiful children!

Cassandra-ann said...

They are sooo gorgeous Mandi!