Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Changes Afoot

If you hadn't noticed (maybe cause you haven't been here before LOL) but i'm undergoing a few changes. First off is a name change. Scrapping Mumma has been changed because heck, i've got 4 little kids, who gets time to scrapbook? So the new title is however a work in progress itself, as that is the only thing that came to mind at some stupid hour last night when I was messing around with my blog.

Secondly, I still haven't uploaded the new pics yet, but I will get onto it very soon then I can move forward and natter about the new things that are happening.

So, if you happen to drop by and the place is looking a bit messy and unkept, or if somethings might be out of place don't worry. Its just replicating what my house looks like LOL Hey can't have everything organised can I? ;)



Bec said...

OMG - LOVE the title!!

Can't wait to see some piccies too ;-) Glad to hear all is well though I do want to hear an update for you too missie ;-)

Mrs B said...

My update, yes working on that one. Pics are up though so thats a start LOL