Sunday, June 06, 2010

Playing Catch Up!

Ok, time to play catch ups! Seriously though, how do you catch up on 4mths worth of life? Maybe if I did it one person at a time then that might make it a bit easier ;) Oldest to youngest, lets go…

MrB… is going pretty well. Have had a few curveballs thrown at him, but all in all he is adjusting well to being a father of 4 little people and husband to a crazy wife LOL Not much else has changed with him but he is still plodding along.

Me… I’m just me. I’ll talk more about me another time. I need more than a paragraph to catch up.

Master L… oh my sweet big boy. He is doing REALLY well at school. We have had a couple of issues with bullying, but after talking to his teachers it seems that all is going ok now in that respect. They are kept extremely busy, which sometimes is not a good thing in my eyes as they are still little, but he is thriving and according to the parent teacher interview is progressing very well and above where he should be at this time. Yayyy L!!

Master H… my Mumma’s boy hehe. Since my last update, my little BIG boy has not only day toilet trained, but in the past week has now night trained!! We are so very proud and excited as we were wondering if he was ever going to go to the toilet at all. He seemed to have a big fear of it, and wanted nothing to do with it and then bam all of a sudden he is done. Yayyy!! It is now 2 weeks until his 4th birthday, and we are having just a little party for him with some family and close friends. He is super excited because we got all sorts of party stuff that has Spiderman on it, who he LOVES dearly. We have also had a bit of a health scare with him that really got us worried. But after 2 blood tests (oh dear, wasn’t THAT fun.. NOT!) and a few days waiting, we found out that he was low in iron. Nothing else sinister lurking underneath, just low iron. Completely fixable too! This coming Thursday see’s him off to his first Prep Open Day at school. Yes, our second baby will be heading off to school next year. Agghhhh how on earth did they all grow up so fast?

Master P… my cheeky monkey! Oh he is such a delight and such a cheeky thing all rolled into one. This boy is going to give me such a run for my money as he gets older, especially with his temper! He is taking the whole ‘chucking a Paddy’ to a whole new level LOL But in saying that, he is also very loving and ALWAYS up for a chat! He has started to talk so much more now, and has really ‘grown up’ a lot more since Miss A has arrived, whom he loves so dearly. Not a lot has changed for him, but he is doing really well too.

Miss A… gosh where do I start here? Soooo much to catch up on with my Beautiful Princess! She is such a gorgeous baby and is so good. She has slotted in perfectly to complete our family. The boys are so in love with her, she is the apple of Daddy’s eye and my goodness, she is such a Mumma’s Girl and I LOVE it hehehe Anyway, this is what has gone on with our Lil Lady…

Came home at 12 days old, she weighed in at 1.93kg when we broke her out (yes, that is pretty much what we did LOL I talked the Dr into letting us go home, and after much bribery he agreed). She was FULLY breastfed for her first week at home. This is something that I am immensely proud of, as I had never done this before. I’d always comp fed the boys as I never had enough supply, but not this time! Anyway, she had her first paediatrition appointment after leaving the hospital, only to find that she had once again lost weight :( She was now down to 1.8kg. Might not seem much, but at that size 130gms is a lot! So was advised to start formula as well as breastfeeds and this worked a bit. She gained 200gms in 2wks. Finally. Her first gain since being born! Her weight has been very slowly gaining since then, and at 17wks of age, she was double her birth weight – 4.4kg!

So yes, she is still small, but she has put on heaps and has the cutest chubby cheeks now that we all just LOVE to smother in kisses hehe She has a gorgeous nature and has started to babble now, which I so love it when they do that. Ahhh yes, I’m completely in love with her. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely in love with my boys too, but there is just something different that I just cannot explain at all. Maybe it’s a female bonding thing, I’m not sure but whatever it is, she has me wrapped around her beautiful little finger.

There is plenty of pics as we have a new camera in the family (ok, so its my Mum’s but I’ve had a lot of ‘custody’ of it for a little while hehehe), but will put them in a separate post. This will do for now, catch up almost done ;)



Lexie said...

Yay! You updated! I've been popping in and wondering when the next installment was going to happen. I'm very glad everything is going so well with all your little cuties. I'll be hanging around for pics!

Swift Jan said...

Thanks for the catch up! Love hearing about your lovely family :)