Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My 'To Do' List

I've decided that if I put it here, it gives me somewhere to 'remember' that I have things that I really want to make. Sort of a place to be accountable LOL Plus then hopefully some people will ask me when they haven't seen me posting 'where is xxxxx?' then it might make me get off my butt and do it!

So what do I want to make?

  • a Mei Tai carrier for the kids to carry their babies around in. They love pretending to do it by using their shirts, so why not try and make one like I have for Little Lady
  • a wet bag for the nappies. Ohh I so need one of these! I hate having to plastic bag them when i'm out as i'm scared i'll do a brainless thing and chuck one out accidentally LOL
  • a taggie blanket each for Little Lady and Master P. This one will require a trip to the fabric store, which could be scary in itself ;) I always walk out with more than what I intend on going for.
  • some more jewellery. I've got that much stuff here just sitting waiting to be used but have had no inspiration to do it. Mainly because i'm not wearing as much jewellery anymore, so haven't seen the point in making any. Could be making some for others though I guess.
  • an apron for myself. I don't have one, and often find myself covered in stuff from the kitchen (which goes ever so nicely with the baby vomit that is usually on my shoulders LOL). I bought the fabric and stuff for it before Little Lady arrived, but didn't get to do it as she came earlier than planned. I even had washed it all ready to go!
  • a couple of skirts, both for myself and Little Lady.
And that's it to start with ;) So lets see how much of this gets done LOL Actually no, thats not very positive is it? It WILL all get done, its out there now, so it will happen.

Now, which one to do first....



Dee said...

Rome wasn't built in a day my dear ;)

Dee xxx

Psycho Wife said...

You'll get there! :-)