Thursday, June 10, 2010

*sighs* they grow too fast!

why is it, when you are younger that the days/months/years always seem to go soooo slow? Yet when you get older they fly by so fast? I just don't quite understand it at all.

Today was another one of those days when it all came crashing back on me that my babies are growing up. Why? Well today was 'Open Day' at school for the Preppies of 2011, which means my gorgeous little Master H.

My sweet boy, who turns 4 next weekend is eligible for Prep next year. Am I ready for him to go? Nope I don't think I am. He just seems so little still that it just doesn't seem right at all!

I still really worry if we are doing the right thing by sending the boys to this school. For some reason I have this major pull for homeschooling them, but as I don't know the ins and outs for the state we live in, I just don't know where to start to get info on it. Mind you, i'm not entirely sure MrB would be happy with me homeschooling the kids anyway but I really feel sometimes that it would be far more beneficial for them to homeschool.

Yes I know, there are plenty of people who do not agree with homeschooling, and you know I was one of those people too only a few years back. Now though, my opinions have changed and sway greatly in the want to do this.

Maybe its time to actually look a bit further into this. Gaining info certainly can't hurt, even if we don't put it into practice.

If you do homeschool, or have in the past, i'd love to hear from you!



Bec said...

I think homeschooling is a great thing - IF it's done properly. After having interactions at high school (night school/college type thing) with teens who were homeschooled and knowing a few families who do homeschool I think you need to serious think about how you would do it.
I've seen successful homeschooling and some others that are absolutely dismal. While we don't officially homeschool, Izaak does the majority of his academic work at home. School, for me, is a place for him to socialise, make friends and learn the life skills that are very difficult to teach in a family environment.
What are your reasons for wanting to homeschool? Can you do a combination of both? Another friend in VIC has a 15 year old daughter who attends school Mon-Wed and then homeschools Thu-Fri. It works well for them and has for the past 10 years. I think the key is finding the balance - both for you and for your children.

Swift Jan said...

Miss Ella starts prep next year too... She is very ready for school! Mind you she is 6 months older than Master H and that makes a big difference at their age.

I agree about HS, if its done properly and for the right reasons it can work well. If you're doing coz you want to hold on to them for as long as possible, it's not in their best interest. I also think that it is extremely important to ensure they get regular socialising with a range of different children. I am certainly not opposed to it though.

Psycho Wife said...

I get twitchy just thinking about home schooling,lol... but if you really feel the push to do it, you will succeed at it! Good luck with your research & decision xx

Cassandra-ann said...

Well you know my thoughts on this LOL.
Personally i think you can ask what everyone else thinks until the cows come home but unless they have done it or do it i wouldn't listen to anything they have to say. Everyone *knows* some one who home schools and i have found that seems to make them a major expert LOL. but you cannot even know what its like for you until you are doing it. Yes you have to ave the right reasons but keep in mind they have to be YOUR right reasons which probably arent someone elses 'right' reasons if that makes sense. Our initial reason for home schooling is only a really small part of why we home school now and i would even go as far to say that some of them would probably offend most people ;-)

If YOU want to home school Mandi the only questions that i would ask (other home school families)are HOW do you home school, what do you do to stay organised , what style of home schooling do you do , those types of questions.
It took us about 6 months to figure out what 'worked' for us (as in how the kids learn , and what suits our family best) and it took about 12 months for it to run smoothly. For tose first 12 months i do feel like i struggled although i never once regretted my decision. One thing i do regret though is sending my kids to school in the first place and not home schooling from the beginning as school did a terrible amount of damged to one of my kids (you may or may not rememeber the fiasco with Zac).
I will say too that anyone who goes on about 'socialisation' issues has no idea what they are talking about.My kids can socialise with ANYBODY of ANY age from babies to adults. Being stuck in classroom with 25/30 kids their own age doesnt make them social.It has always amazed me after seeing how confident and outgoing my kids became after we started home schooling that people could think that.
Anyway i am sorry this is such a novel LOL but if you want know anything you know where i am :-)

Cassandra xx