Sunday, December 06, 2009

Slack Much??

Well, its a quiet Sunday afternoon here, so thought i'd have a bit of a catch up again since its been a while, once again oops LOL

The thing is, although it seems like we haven't stopped, there isn't a great deal that has been going on around here. Boys are a bit crazy, but hey its the crazy season isn't it LOL They are good though, so that's the main thing.

Pregnancy is going ok. Have had a few more problems in the last week, and even though i'm taking it very easy, it seems those times that I do seems to make the action start. How that works I have NO idea but its slow down time, and i'm ok with that so its all good.

One thing that I have been going a bit nuts over is i've converted us to MCN's (modern cloth nappies) instead of the disposables. We are pretty much full time clothies now and ohh its so much better! The boys LOVE their fluffy bums, and actually hate it when they go to kindy and use disposables. Funny how to start with they weren't fussed, didn't last long though before they were hooked too LOL Although i'm wondering if they just love it that Mummy is slightly addicted which means lots of 'Fluffy Mail' parcels being delivered hehehe Will take a pic of our 'stash' soon.

Hmm what else. Ohh I finally got some decent AFTER photos of Master H's tongue after he had his tongue tie surgery done. Here he is...

Ok, so they aren't the best photos in the world, but it shows the difference between them pretty well.

Alright, just realised that I haven't even posted any photos of Master P's birthday, so will go through those and be back later on with a photo post ;)

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