Monday, November 23, 2009

Look What I Made!

Ok, so they aren't perfect (LMAO sooooo far from it, it's not funny!) but I made them. Me. Mrs B who hasn't gone near a sewing machine since yr 12 Home Economics when it was dismal effort. I really wish I had photos of my high school sewing attempts but hey, its probably also a damn good thing I don't LOL.

My Mum had bought over her sewing machine and overlocker last week to get going with making all the stuff that she wants to do for the little girl's room. She also finished making the boys curtains, which will be up this week (got to get new rods). Anyway, because i've been bugging her to teach me to sew and she hasn't had time yet, well I thought i'd try myself.


LOL scary stuff let me just say that.

Anyway, I found some material here that really didn't matter what happened to it. Let's face it, I wasn't expecting them to turn out at all. So I got the pattern out and got to work. After one false start, some googling and a quick trip to the craft shop for some bias tape, I came home and got to work.

All was going really well until I got to the top of the pants, half way around and realised that i'd run out of cotton on the bobbin LOL BUGGER! By this time I had to go and get the boys from kindy, so had to finish them off tonight after they went to sleep.

I'm so proud right now its ridiculous. Why? Because Mum doubted me. BIGTIME! Even my grandmother doubted me. But I managed to actually make the pants, with no help from either of them. And yes, they are lop sided but that's ok, I know what I need to change for next time LOL

Anyway, here they are.....

Now, off to find something else to make ;)


Bec said...

I think they are awesome!! And I have to say it was a fair go into my sewing ambitions that I tackled bias tape - well done!!
Did you have one of those 'nah nee nah nee nah nah' moments when it all worked out - it's an acheivement to make something but when you've done it all alone it makes it that much better!! You go girl!!

Dee said...

Well Done! I knew you could do it!!!! They look fantastic. Can't wait for the next project ;)