Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is what happens (pics)

When your big brother leaves a felt pen in the bedroom, at arms reach of a nearly 2yr old.....

*sighs* Guess what i'll be doing first thing in the morning. And yes, he is damn lucky he is so cute and that his Daddy warned me BEFORE I walked into the room that I needed to see the funny side of it before I got cranky. Oh, and its all over his doona cover too, it just didn't photograph very well.



Bec said...

Be thankful it wasn't permanent marker and on the face aka Charlotte with whiskers!!
Seriously though, hope it comes off the wall & the little man easily in the morning!!

Cassandra-ann said...

We had a similar incident only with a highlighter last week, oh then there was the permant marker all over the back table and the bbq on the weekend or the cake topper...permant marker all over the Dash in hubby's car! i am taking photo's and when they get their own stuff i am going around armed with the pics and a permanent marker and getting my revenge LOL
I hope it cleaned off easily, i think those magic eraser things are the greatest thing EVER invented LOL

Cassandra xx

Kerstin said...


My daughter has done this in the same age :-)