Thursday, November 05, 2009

I think there is an echo in here

Once again, a very neglected blog *sighs* I think I should stop saying to myself that i'm going to start writing more often, because its when I do that, that I actually stop!

Have been busy around here, yet i'm not entirely sure why? Have been shopping with Mum a few times lately, which isn't always a good thing hehe But we have been scoring some great bargains in our efforts at doing up the boy's bedroom and also making the Little Girl's bedroom ready for her. Needless to say this means a LOT of sewing for Mum to do, but she is always up for a challenge and at the end of the day loves doing it so she is happy :)

Can't wait till the rooms are done so I can post some pics too!!

I've also been bitten by the MCN (modern cloth nappies for those playing at home ;) ) bug in an effort to try and save some money around here. Utterly ridiculous spending in excess of $50 a fortnight on things that just go on bums and then get thrown away, so we have now swapped to clothies full time during the day. And you know what? I'm actually finding it just as easy to do as the sposies!! Now if I could find a nappy that works for nighttimes we would be fully converted.

Master L had his school interview last Thursday which went really well. We got to once again meet one of the prep teachers, who was absolutely lovely and i'm really asking the Universe ever so nicely if she can be his teacher next year. On Saturday we go back to school again for a 'Prep Play Morning' which should be fun if its anything like the orientation day. Can't believe that my baby will be going to big school next year. Still only feels like yesterday that he was born!

Master H has had an interesting couple of weeks which have included 2 hospital visits. First one was after he twisted his arm as he was getting up and managed to twist the tendons in his arm. After the icepack didn't do anything we packed him up in the car and off to the emergency department we went. Luckily the paediatric Dr was there and not busy, so he saw us quickly, told us what he thought it was and twisted the tendons back into place. All fixed, in and out of the ED within 30mins! Gosh, if only all of the visits were that fast hehe

Second visit came yesterday. Master H was born with a tongue tie. No worries, we were told he should outgrow it, or at least it will lessen over time, but it actually got worse. So after having some problems speaking and eating we got in to see a surgeon who agreed that it was quite significant and needed to be divided. Took a while for his turn to come up, but we thought it was going to be much longer but as a cancellation came, we got him in earlier. He was so brave and had no worries at all, until it came time for me to put him on the bed so they could put him under. Nope didn't want a bar of that so they put him to sleep in my arms. A very surreal experience that one, and yes I did cry but not until i'd left him laying on the bed. They cauterized his tongue and it was over and done with VERY quickly. Took him a while in recovery to come around properly as he was having breathing problems, so if he ever has to have a general anesthetic again, we have to make sure to tell them. He managed to eat before we left the hospital, and although he had a temp at one stage last night had a great nights sleep.

Today however his tongue is swollen and sore so he is finding it very hard to drink and eating just isn't happening. Hopefully it won't last too long otherwise we will end up back at the hospital cause he will be dehydrated!

Nothing much happening with Master P, other than its 2wks till his 2nd birthday. He is up to mischief any chance he can get but also knows how to play the 'i'm cute' card LOL Cheeky kid ;)

All is going well with the pregnancy. I'm 24wks now, and things seem to be going slowly at the moment. Have a few issues when i've done too much, or sometimes travelling in the car, but otherwise all is good. We potentionally have a name, as of this morning, but i'm guessing it will be up for more discussion later on LOL Still cannot get over how hard it is to name this one compared to the boys!! I've got an obstetricians appointment next Thursday, so will see how everything is going then.

Time to go and get some lunch for everyone. Between food prep and washing, a Mumma's work is never done LOL

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Cindy said...

whenever I say that I am going to post more I don't too. I think I just need to stop saying that.

As for the cloth diapers, I have not saved any money! I mean really how are you saving any? Have you seen cassandra's blog? I am guessing that she spend way more then she saves, I swear she buys 10 new diapers a week LOL. Oh, that was an opossum on at my house ;-)