Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Think I've Gone Mad!

I have never been a crafty person. Yes I do like looking at crafts, admire greatly those who create beautiful things but for me, I think I was standing behind the door when those talents were handed out LOL The only thing that i've really ever been able to do was scrapbooking, and heck even that is basic because that is all I had been around. None of the fancy shmancy pages that you see in the scrapbooking magazines, you just didn't 'do' things like that with the people I learnt with. So even my only real creative outlet is pretty, well boring really.

Oh I do loving making jewellery, but due to my eyes going crazy with the up-close work, I stopped doing it. Getting massive headaches really didn't help the creative process at all!

So why is it last night, whilst laying in bed getting ready to drift off to sleep did I get the sudden urge to start making stuff? What 'stuff' do you say? Well, sewing some cute little nappy covers for the Little Girl (who is still nameless btw!!), making a couple of bracelets for my Mum (ok, so this one is completely 'doable'), also making some headbands/bows for the Little Girl as well. Heck even I even decided to make the covers and also applique a heart onto a plain white singlet from the same material that the covers were made from so that she could have a cute little set to keep her cool during the warmer months.

In my head, its all worked out. It's just a matter of getting it out of there and to actually make the stuff LOL

Now, let me just tell you a bit of background here and then maybe you will understand just WHY i'm posting this. I failed Home Economics at school. Yes, I did 4 years of the damn subject at highschool, and whilst I passed the cooking side of things, the sewing side resulted in a dismal effort. I had the same teacher in yrs 11 and 12, and she was the loveliest teacher you could ask for, very helpful and wise but even she used to scratch her head at my sewing attempts LOL At one point during one of our final assessment pieces (which was a skirt and top) she had me take them home (which was a big no-no!) and get my Mum to help me because I was so far behind that i'd never get it finished LOL Oops!!

So needless to say, me and sewing are a bit of a laughable subject in my family! My Mum and Nan are fabulous with sewing. Heck Nan used to be a dressmaker, making wedding gowns and the whole bridal party outfits. Mum, well she has been sewing forever and has made many beautiful outfits as well. She is currently getting ready to make curtains for the boys room, and then onto making the quilt, nappy stacker and curtains for the Little Girl's room (got the material for it the other day!).

Maybe its all this that has sparked my interest? Maybe its the 3 visits to Spotlight in the last week, also a trip to a patchwork and craft material shop and lets not forget Lincraft. Mum offered me a few weeks ago to teach me again, or at least try LOL but I just laughed it off asking if she realised what she was saying. She thinks that perhaps I just wasn't ready before and that now I could actually do it. Maybe it was that little bit of confidence that has made me want to do this?

I think its pretty funny actually, but right now its taking all my power not to get everyone into the car and head down to the shops and get some materials/threads/crazy stuff that i'll probably only use the once.

I wonder if this is how others started? The idea is stuck and I am thinking that i'm going to HAVE to make something (or at least TRY) before it will go away LOL

Should be interesting anyway LOL And don't worry, I will subject you all to seeing what I create hehehe


Sam said...

Yes it's how I started! Give yourself another chance Mandi, you may just blow yourself away with how creative you can be!
Look forward to the pics:)

Dee said...

You can do it!! I agree with your mum, maybe you weren't ready before. Be patient and take your time.