Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Name is Mrs B

and I have an addiction.

Yes, i'm admitting it, in the hopes that it might ease a little bit but I don't think it will LOL

This is what i'm now addicted too....

not a bad stash considering its been less then 2mths since we started using MCN's. The row on the far right are covers (all 17 of them..oops LOL) which were originally used with the terry flat squares while I built up this lot. Not a bad one for 2 boys in full time nappies, and also starting to get a stash of little ones for the Lil Miss.

Hey Cass, I am LOVING the Itti D'lish nappies!! The larges fit Master H and Master P perfectly! I know how much you love them, so I know you would be happy to hear that they work so well for us too ;)


Cassandra-ann said...

Now you know how addictive it is!
Great stash :-)

Crystal said...

OK, I have to ask...are these underwear or diapers? lol.

Have you picked out a name for the baby girl yet?

Mrs B said...

hehe diapers Crystal! Trying to do my bit for the environment, and also the hip pocket by using these instead of disposables. Far cuter and easier than the old terrycloth flat square nappies!

Ohh picking names is soooo hard!! It was so much easier with the boys. I'm really not sure why its so hard this time, should be easy considering we don't have any girls already LOL