Thursday, December 17, 2009

Having a Vent at Myself

Well, here I sit. I've made it to the 30wk mark of the pregnancy and all has been going so well! Usually by this stage i'd have been in hospital at least once for an overnight visit for monitoring. Nope, not this time! Only time i've been there is for my normal hospital appointments, anesthetist visit and for the glucose test. Got to be happy with that!

Well, happy with the way everything has been going, until today. It would seem that my plug is leaving. Now I know that this does not always mean anything. It can happen just before labour begins, or can happen weeks before hand. It has however happened with all 3 boys, and early as well. I am further along now than when it happened with them, so that is also a good thing. But still worrisome at the same time :(

I know I still need to remain positive that all will continue on the smooth path, and that I will get to term. But part of me is also having that 'what if' mindset. I love being pregnant. I love feeling my sweet little girl moving around and pummeling me to an oblivion LOL I love watching my belly grow (ok, so i'm not as big as others at this stage, but i'm still getting bigger!) But it would seem that this whole pregnancy gig is just not all that good bodywise for me. It's almost as if my body starts to regject it all when I hit the 3rd trimester. So it is a good thing that I am feeling very finished that this is our last baby. It's not fair on any of the family to go through this again, and even more so, not fair on the growing baby or on my body to even consider doing this again.

I always wondered if I would ever feel DONE. But I do now. And i'm at a complete peace with that. I can't wait until Lil Miss is here (although a few more weeks will do just nicely thank you!) to move past the pregnancy stage once and for all and start our life as a family of 6 :) :)

Legs crossed for AT LEAST another 4 weeks ;)

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Crystal said...

Aww! I'm pregnant, too. I'm about 24 weeks. Congrats! :)