Sunday, December 27, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas!!

I didn't get a chance to come on and say Merry Christmas before or on the day but i'm hoping that everyone had a really lovely day celebrating :) :)

We had a great day here. It was just the 5 of us and my parents, but it was a very relaxed and easy going day. Sure the day started at 5:20am (*yawns*) but the boys were so good! Usually there is fights and squabbles over the presents, but not this year :) :) We opened up all the presents, and just sat around taking them out of the packages (what is with some of the packaging!! OMG the amount of twist ties is ridiculous!!) and playing different things before having breakfast.
My folks arrived around 10am, so the unwrapping started again :)

Lunch was YUMMY! BBQ with a table full of salads and then plum pudding and custard for dessert. Then leftovers for dinner, and then lunch and then dinner again LMAO I'm a bit over the leftovers now!!

All in all, we have had a lovely Festive Season this year. Bit hard to believe that this was our last Christmas with just the 5 of us! I'm ready for 2010 now. Almost itching for it to begin as well as the new beginnings that it will bring for us. It's going to be a BIG one I think :)

Merry Christmas!!

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Dee said...

Oh I love the photo in front of the tree! They are so gorgeous - your boys!!!

Love the new look blog too! Great job.