Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh My Gosh!!!

We found a place that is just down the road from us that does all sorts of special pregnancy ultrasounds. Anyway, I found out that they do a 10-15min gender determination scan and we decided that we would get it done. I've been feeling hmm, not even sure the words, but just not attached the way that I have been in the past with the boys. I don't know if its from the thoughts of birth, the unresolved trauma from Master P's birth or what, but just something that wasn't the same and it has really been getting me down. So we decided to get this scan done before the big morphology scan in the hopes that it will help.

We took Master H with us, which was great! Master L didn't want to come, so he and Master P went to my parent's house. Master H loved it, thought it was very cool to see his little 'H's' (he has been saying there is 3 babies in there, and they are all going to be called H - the same name as his LOL). Funnily enough, when we got in the room, there was 3 screens, so the poor boy thought that meant there was 3 babies!! So much for taking him in the hopes of making him realise there is only one in there LOL

So the lady was talking and asking questions about the boys, and I said to her that I was highly doubtful that it would be a girl, we just don't know how to make those together. She then said, you think? I just looked at her, and she said well... 'its a Girl'. I didn't believe her LOL Told her to look again, and she did, and she said 'no, look see its definitely a girl, there is the 3 lines, and there is nothing else there'. I looked over at MrB, and I said 'honey!!' and he was like 'what, I was showing H so I didn't hear, what?' So we said again that its a girl, and he was like OMG, what, noooo. Really?' LOL His reaction was so cute and funny!!

After that, I cried (yeah I know, big girly wuss aren't I LOL) and the lady checked all different ways to really make sure that she is definitely a she. Then she turned the 4D scan on for a few minutes so we could see the Babe moving around. Unfortunately no pics because that was in the bigger package that we weren't getting (prefer to do that at a later stage of the pregnancy) but the morph scan is in 2 weeks, and we will get a CD of pics then.

I am still in shock. It's a girl!! OMG!! We are going to have a daughter!! My sons are going to have a baby sister! So VERY, VERY excited!! :) :) :) :)


Sam said...

And so very very thrilled for all of you!
Has the shpping begun yet LOL
Hugs sweets, xx

Deb said...

That is SUCH fantastic news Mrs B... I'm so glad you got that extra scan done - has it helped with the bonding?

I'm also amazed at how much of your blog I've missed (since L's birthday!!). Lots of reading to do - thanks :-)) I flicked through the photos and love the ones from Caloundra (and I agree - what a great photo of Mr B!!)

Toni said...

Sorry I'm late getting here but ....


I'm so happy for you guys to finally be buying pink :D