Wednesday, September 09, 2009

16 Weeks Today!

Wow, these weeks are really flying by! Which is good and bad, once again because this is it, and it will be over all too soon. BUT then we will have our newest little treasure to go nuts over, so its all good ;)

Got to see our little Belly Babe this week due to having a scan on Monday. Have been having quite a lot of pain in my caesar scar, so the Dr sent me for an ultrasound to make sure nothing sinister was happening in there. All appears ok for now, from what the tech could see, but there was parts that weren't showing all too well, so will have to check them out again at the morphology scan on the 30th (3wks today!!). Was great to see the Babe jumping around in there, although the scan itself was rather painful.

Other than that, have been really sick with a bad sinus infection that really knocked me for six. Between me having that, all 3 boys with sinus (got to love the Orange Blossom along the back fence! NOT!) and then Master L deciding that a gastro bug would be fun to get over the weekend, we haven't done much at all. All 3 boys got to go to kindy today, so at least they got out and had some fun with their friends today.

Gosh, what a boring update. Oh well, better than none at all right? LOL Hopefully the next update will be more exciting ;)

16 Weeks Belly Photo


Cassandra-ann said...

Happy 16 weeks! your belly is growing nicely :-)

cassandra xx

Toni said...

Hey Mrs B (I love reading that)

Your blog "new look" is fantastic.

Your belly shots are great and so is keeping up with your pjs hahahaha

Glad your scar is holding up. That strange pain can keep us awake some night huh?

Mrs B said...

LMAO @ the pj's Toni!! Can you tell that I usually take the pics at night time? Well other than the fact that my pj's are the most comfortable things I own ;)