Friday, September 04, 2009

I Have an Addiction

And its BAD! Every opportunity I get right now, I just have to indulge in my addiction. It's getting to the point where even the kids ask me what i'm doing and if i'm going to have to have it again. They just don't understand, they follow their father who thinks my addiction is horrible. Me personally, I just cannot understand how they could not partake in my little pleasure. Although right now i'm actually grateful because that means all the more for me.

So what IS this addiction that has me so taken over at the moment? Well it would be these....

Australian Avocados! Oh my, that soft creamy green goodness.... I think its been the healthiest thing i've craved in a long time LOL Sure, I still LOVE chocolate far too much right now. And juice, ohhhh my goodness I think I drank 1 litre of Apple and Guava juice last night alone. But these green bad boys, oh they taste SO good right now!!

Oh, look at the time ;) It's nearly lunch time, which means, you guessed it, avocado toasted sandwich for me!!

(I know, i'm a worry aren't I LOL)

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