Wednesday, September 02, 2009

15wk Belly Pic!

As much as I love being pregnant, I am so excited for this new little belly babe to join us Earthside, so i'm loving that the weeks are going by so fast. Mind you, I know that as soon as he/she is here I will be missing it all so very much again and wish for the time back. Ahh catch 22, right? LOL

Physically all is going really well. Back pains can go away, but figure that there is some major stretching and growing going on to make those happen, so just trying to ignore it as much as possible. Have been feeling a few little flutters and movements, ohhh how I LOVE that part! Just know that right now, i'm the only one to be able to feel it, makes it special. Part of the bonding process between the babe and myself. I love it when MrB and the boys are able to feel things too, but its almost like right now, its my little secret ;)

Anyway, emotionally i'm on a major rollercoaster, that seemed to hit its peak yesterday as I spent most of the day in tears. Have found a great place to help work through it to get to a point where moving forward won't be quite so hard. Will never forget, but hopefully the impact will lessen gradually through time.

So, onto what i'm here for!! Taken tonight, at 15wks :)

Please excuse my puppy pj's LOL It has turned a bit chilly up here again at night time and my flanny pj's are the most comfortable thing I own, pants wise LOL Pity help me when it gets hotter!!

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Dee said...

Just look at that gorgeous little bump!!!!! Beautiful, just like you!

Dee xxx