Friday, October 02, 2009

19wk Update

Well, what an interesting afternoon! Ob appointment was at 2pm, now normally we wait around for at least an hour before being seen, well we were there for maybe 15mins before being called. So to start with I was like 'WTF??' lol

Anyway, walk in, and meet the Ob, she was so very nice! Found out that she is the director of obstetrics and gynecology, and was seeing me because of the issue of me wanting a VBA2C.

She wanted to know exactly what happened with all 3 births so far, and to establish all of the problems that I have with Master P's birth. She went right through my medical file for Master P's birth with me, explained everything, sat shocked at majority of it and shaking her head. She also went on to tell me that the fact the Dr who performed the surgery did not stop when I said I could feel everything he was doing, is actually classed as an assault in the eyes of the law. Hmmm not what I was expecting to hear, believe me! She was also appalled to find out that even in my records, there is conflicting reports between the anesthesiologist and the Dr who performed the caesar. So, needless to say, she was not impressed and completely understood why I did not want another caesar.

She then went onto to tell me her experience with ruptures, and after going right through the records and reading how bad my adhesions were (the report my GP got was a basic half page summary of what happened it would seem, the notes she read through with me explained exactly the adhesions and the severity of them) she was very worried about if I do rupture, that it would take them at least 15mins to get through the previous scar tissues just to get to the baby. She has done it before, but the baby was compromised and has suffered some brain damage as a result. Not a possible outcome that we are wanting to take.

So, after thorough discussions in regards to MY case (not just the generic, no way/no how crap I got last time) she then also went on to say that they cannot force me to have a caesar, and that it is my body and my choice how I deliver the baby, but in her honest opinion, mainly given my adhesions, she would not suggest I do it.

She then went on to say, that if I agree to the caesar, that she will do absolutely everything in her power to make the experience a happy one, not a traumatic one like last time. So, with all that info and explanations on board, I have decided to go ahead and agree to the caesar.

After I agreed, she asked what she could do to make it all go more smoothly. So that is when I started with my 'requests' lol. She started writing out our plans for the birth (seems weird doing it at 19wks but at least she was prepared LOL) and the first on the list was ... 'adequate pain relief and analgesia' (obviously, this is the main issue surrounding Master P's birth, that I felt it all until they sedated me). I then said that I want to see the baby being pulled out of me, so with the curtain down. I have absolutely no issues with seeing myself during surgery, have seen pictures of my insides before and I find it more intriguing than gross by it. She is very happy for this to happen, and hopefully she will be performing the surgery herself and she has no issues at all, but if another Dr does, then the light above is to be put in such a way that I can see the reflection. With Master P's birth, stupid me said 'ohhh cool I can see whats going on in the reflection' and the horrible theatre nurse moved the light and said 'well now you can't' *sighs*

The other biggy was, as long as she isn't in a compromised situation, the baby is to stay as close to MrB and I as possible, ie, either on mine or MrB's arms. None of this over the other side of the room crap, or taken out in a humidicrib (Master L had that happen, and there was nothing wrong with him). I want her with us. She agreed to that, as long as there is nothing wrong with bubs that she requires help, but she will be wrapped up because its so cold in the theatre.

The last one that we could think of today was that we want photos! I have seen STACKS of people who have photos of their caesars, including before the baby comes out, to just the head being out, and then all of the baby but we don't have any of those. She could not believe that we weren't allowed to take those last time (or the first time either!). I said we were allowed to take pics, but only when Master P was under the heater and on the scales. Also have a pic of my placenta (I know, i'm weird, but i'm so curious as to all of this I HAD to have pics LOL). So she has written down that there has to be pictures taken, even if its by a nurse, if MrB gets a bit squeemish and can't do it himself.

Oh, and lastly, under no circumstances is the surgery to commence without a senior consultant, head obstetrician or herself there. Master P's surgery was done by a new consultant and there was no other Ob/consultant there. She was thinking that things could have been different with Master P's had there been a senior there to watch over what was going on. Hindsight huh??

Anyway, over an hour we spent with her, and at the end she said that I could still see the midwives or I could just see the Ob's it was up to me. When I said I was happy either way, she then went on to ask if I would be happy to just see her for the rest of my appointments (not something that you usually get in the public system, here its a whoever pulls your file off the top of the pile lottery!!). So I immediately said I would definitely like that, as it keeps everything the same and no other opinions etc being thrown in to disrupt it all. Needless to say, both MrB and I are VERY happy with that! She was also tempted to actually book the caesar date, but then thought about it for a minute and said that she highly doubts that I will go to term, so no point really. If I do go into labour early, I have to ring the hospital straight away, and she will do her darnedest to get to the hospital to do the surgery. If I can keep my legs closed, and this baby girl nice and toasty, she will be delivered at 39wks!

We left the appointment in a far better frame of mind than last time. Although I am still sad I won't birth her naturally, I am feeling far more at peace that no matter when it happens there is a plan in place (photocopied and given to the NUM of maternity, so she is clued in on it all too) to make sure that nothing like last time happens again.

It's amazing how much the appointment has put me at ease with it all, and helped move me another step forward from the trauma of Master P's birth. No, it won't leave me entirely, I do not expect those feelings to just disappear, but to have some of the things validated and explained really does help.


Sam said...

Mandi this has to be the absolute best outcome that could of happened. I am thrilled and relieved that you have this wonderful lady to guide and support you and I hope that everything goes as you are planning.
I on the other hand have to hope we don't cross purchase on pink stuff LOL. I could put the money to a gift card but OMG I love to buy pink stuff;)
Lotsa hugs and love xxx

LexieLoves said...

That sounds fantastic Mandi!! I'm so pleased that you have found someone who is taking everything you have worried about seriously (of course it's a woman!!). Your birth plan sounds great - can I take the photos? LOL! Oh, and just to double up on the comments - woohooo on the pink shopping! Isn't it MUCH more fun?

Mrs B said...

you know what, I am seriously considering asking the Dr if we could have another support person in the theatre to take pics because I know that MrB is not going to cope well doing it. If only my belly wasn't so awful, i'd be asking you to take some of those special belly pics for me down the track ;)

Sam said...

Mandi oh you really should consider Lexie taking pics, you know how brilliant a photographer she is. Lexie keep asking lol

Toni said...

I'm so glad your appt went so well. Sounds like there is a really good plan in place now.