Sunday, August 09, 2009

Time to Get Organised!

I've been very slack over the last few weeks. With a combination of morning sickness and tiredness that I always get in early pregnancy, and the wonders of sick kiddies it has been a bit of a slack time for me. Motivation has been thrown out the window, and well lets face it, its REALLY starting to show now!

On the days when we are all feeling good, well we have been going out and trying to get back out in the real world again. Probably not a good idea when the house is looking like a tip! Ok, so its not really that bad, but still, the normal standard that I keep it has dropped lately.

So, where on earth do I find that motivation again to claw my way through it all and recover my house? I am guessing that this question could be one that is asked by MANY people, especially Mumma's.

Tomorrow is a public holiday for us, which means no Kindy tomorrow. So, I'm thinking of ropping the little gentlemen's into gear and us all plowing through some work around here. It's not a huge amount but just lots of little things that haven't been put back where they should be (ie, TOYS!). I did go through the playroom a couple of weeks back in a moment of major frustration and it has been sooooo much better since. But they are starting to slip again when it comes to packing away. You know, just dumping things in any old box. Little People living in the cars box, play food items living with the Little People, 'well, they get hungry Mummy and we can't have them going hungry now can we?' Ok, valid point SweetCheeks, but I really think it might be a bit hard for them to digest.

If I put it down here, it might spur me into action.

My 'TO-DO' List for Monday.....

General pick up of toys, shoes (why the shoe basket had to be emptied into the new baby swing I really have NO idea! And why they needed to be rocked to sleep, well that just makes me wonder even more LOL), etc.

Put more washing on, and fold the start of what will be Mt Foldmore if I don't get onto it now.

Clean the bathrooms/toilets

After all that, it will then be into the kitchen. Ahhh the kitchen, my least favourite place at the moment and not only is that frustrating me, but its getting beyond ridiculous. A few problems with the kitchen right now, whenever I cook something i'm flat out eating for the next 12hrs. For some reason the whole cooking process, smells, sights etc, is REALLY making me sensitive at the moment. That's not a great thing when i'm the only person who cooks in the family! The other is i'm sick of the fusiness that is in our house when it comes to food. 2 out of 3 are pretty good, will eat most things, but oh dear, Master H has sensory issues and food is a big part of that. He doesn't like anything that's in a sauce, and also doesn't cope with food that is mixed together (like savoury mince). The only sauce type of dish he will eat is spaghetti bolognaise. He'd probably eat it every night if he could. I have been able to start hiding vegies in the bolognaise, but it doesn't always work - smart kid, he now knows to really look at the food!!

So it's back to the drawing board with the foods in our house. Time to find some new recipes, ones that are cheap and family friendly, not to mention quick and easy to prepare! If you know of any good sites, PLEASE let me know :) :)

Ok, enough rambling for one night! Off to bed early so that we can get cracking in the morning.

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Bec said...

I hope you have a FABULOUS day today and work your way through all of your list.
No joys on the food front here either - my little man would eat 'mince & worms' (spag bol) every night too if he could!