Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12 Weeks Today!!

Woohooooo!! In some books that would mean i'm in now starting the 2nd Trimester, as Mr B ever so kindly pointed it out that really that can't be right cause it didn't make sense to his brain how 12 weeks can be a 3rd of 40wks. I then also said 'yes but Honey, when have gone past 37wks yet?' LOL He relented and said good point, your in the 2nd trimester now.

So what's been happening? Well not much at all! Gosh this first part is the 'boring bit' isn't it? Give me a few weeks further when the movements start happening and that is when I get more excited (ok, I already am, but even MORE excited LOL). The movements make me feel that much more comfortable and tell me that yes, Mrs B, you really ARE pregnant!

Have been a bit ambitious and already bought a couple of things. We needed a new swing since Master P managed to break ours that we have had since Master L was born. It was a great swing, but oh my gosh, the one I scored off Ebay is worlds apart! It rocks, I LOVE it!

We also splurged yesterday. We went shopping to pick up a new bed for Master P (that is another post in itself!) and there was a baby shop nextdoor. So me, being me, just HAD to go in and have a look, and if I went in it meant we all went in LOL Well Mr B found the pram first, I kept walking and looking at another lot that I loved. Anyway, I came back and checked out the one he liked, which was very similar to the one that I liked only the wheel base was a bit thinner so it would be easier to get through doorways/aisles etc. Anyway, wasn't entirely fussed on the price, so we jumped back in the car and drove a few more minutes to another baby shop that we have bought from before and ended up getting it from there, for $30 cheaper. You know me, always love a bargain! Can't wait to give it a test run. Pity the boys were at kindy today otherwise I would have taken them for a walk to try it out.

I'll post some pics later on, need to take them first (oops!). Also since i'm now 12wks, I will start doing my belly shots. I'm starting to notice a bit of a difference with my pants, especially one pair which I won't tell you how i'm keeping them together, but lets just say that the Belly Belt still hasn't been used yet (3 pregnancies, and I still haven't been able to use the damn thing LOL).

Ok, off to go and get my cherubs! Will be back later with some pics ;)

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Cassandra-ann said...

Happy 2nd trimester! Cant wait to see pics of what you bought, you know i am a baby shop-a-holic LOL!

cassandra xx