Tuesday, August 04, 2009

If you don't laugh...

You'll cry right?

That's how the saying goes isn't it? Well, that's what i've been *trying* to do today, laugh instead of cry.

The past 12hours have been fun to say the least around here, well not so much fun, but rather disgusting. Why? Because Master's H & P have a gastro bug! Now normally this wouldn't be all that much of an issue, its poo, we deal. BUT this time, oh my goodness, being pregnant and them having a gastro bug is sooooo not good!

Picture my night last night. Mercy dash back to Kindy to pick up Master L's beloved monkey best friend 'George'. Got stuck in traffic, and because we were so late (and I didn't get to turn the oven on before we left) I picked up take away on the way home. No worries, got home, fed the kidlets their dinner, told Mr B that he could go back out and get ours later (I was too rushed to bother eating yet), no worries at all. Mr B goes out while the kids had a quick shower, so just me in charge of drying/dressing. Once again, no worries because its quite often just me doing this. Last night was Master H's turn to go first getting dried. There in lies the start to the problem. Why oh why did I not do Master P first? Why was it such a problem? Well, Master P decided that farting would be a great thing to do (he finds is absolutely hilarious, and tries with all his might when he is naked to rip one out... how is it that at 20mths he knows to be such a boy already?? LOL). Well, he tried really hard. So hard infact that not only did he fart, but he followed through!


OMG, he poo'ed on the carpet!!

OMG, he poo'ed on the carpet and its running down his legs!

First thing I did was put a towel under him quickly, and then *I* bolted to the toilet as it was entirely too much for my morning (pfftt all day!!) sickness sensitive tummy to cope with. So, quickly finished there, ran back, picked Master P up and ran him back to the shower. Got the water going, started cleaning him up (thank the Universe for showers that are on a hose!!!) but once again, all too much for my tummy so I chucked in the sink.

Right now I bet your wishing you never opened this blog right? Well I can assure you, i'm wishing just as much that I had of nappied that bum before ANY of this happened LOL Hindsight hey, gotta love it!

So once I compose myself, and tell my little guy that its all ok (he was looking at me like I was some kind of animal, don't blame him, I don't like watching people chuck either LOL), finish cleaning him up and quickly get him to the change table and even faster put a nappy on him. Ahhh the Weapon of Mass Destruction is contained!! Everyone can breath a sigh of relief, but just a warning, don't breath in too hard, cause it really didn't smell all that great in the room!

Guess who walked in just as i'd finished dressing Master P. Yes, Mr B. Just in time to miss ALL the action. How timely LOL (lucky bugger!)

Needless to say, the rest of the night had many more moments of weak stomachness, but it is so much easier to cope with when its contained in a small area.

Oh and note to self, Master P needs that nappy on ASAP when getting out of the shower! That bum is leathal LOL (cute though all the same ;) ).

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Cassandra-ann said...

What a (not) fun night in your house! I hope the boys get over it quickly ((()))
Why is it that you have to clean up the worst messes when your pregnant... little buggars lol.
Cassandra xx