Monday, August 03, 2009

A Day of Contemplation

Do you ever have days where you just sit and think about what is going on in your life? What is going in, how it is affecting you? I seem to have had one of those days today. The two big boys were at kindy, so its just been the little man and I. Well, he decided to pull a BIG sleep today, so really most of the time it has just been me.

Yesterday I got heaps done around here, and pretty much overdid it. One of these days I will learn to pace myself a bit better, especially when pregnant (I know, i'm only 10wks, but my body starts going to pieces earlier these days LOL), my back and hips just don't handle it very well at all. So today, i've done a whole lot of nothing *gasp*. Not that i'm feeling particularly guilty for that, sure there was folding that could have been done, but the day isn't over yet LOL.

So, in my day of not doing much while Master P was sleeping, i've been thinking about things. Like why is it when i'm pregnant that I find it hard to keep in contact with people. I think if it wasn't for places like Facebook I probably would shut myself off completely. Then I realised why I am doing this. I am so sensitive to everything at the moment. And I mean EVERYTHING. Noises, smells, sights, people, emotions, you name it and i'm feeling 'prickly'. So maybe this is the subconscious way of dealing with that. Sure it does help, but then it also hinders as well because people wonder why I am shutting them out, when i'm really not doing it intentionally it's just happening. Gosh I do wonder if that makes any sense at all?

There are some people though that are bugging the daylights out of me, and I AM intentionally shutting them out. Some people just should not be allowed to open their mouths (or fingers in teh cases of emails) because they just do not think that what they are saying could be taken wrong (or it just is wrong, so they just shouldn't say it!). Mind you, these people are not ones that I would really classify as friends, so I really have to stop letting them bug me.

Anyway, bit of a nonsense post, but it has taken till my 4th pregnancy to realise just WHY I do this LOL Hey the penny had to drop sometime didn't it? I just think the sensitivity is getting worse with each pregnancy, maybe that's why I have finally realised.

So if I you are one of the people who I am shutting out, i'll be back soon, as this too shall pass. In the meantime, I need to try and not shut off completely (hence re-starting the blog!!).

Oh dear, my nose radar has picked up on something.... I have the nose of a canine right now LOL

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