Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Award! Oh My!!

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I was having a quick read at Cassie-Ann's this afternoon and found that she had awarded me with this....

I've never had an award before, so thank you Cass for giving it to me! Definitely go and check out Cass's blog if you haven't already, she has the most adorable children and is a pretty Super Mum if you ask me!!

With this award, the idea is to tell everyone 7 things that you wouldn't already know, and then when i've finished, pick 7 other 'Kreativ Blogger's' to receive the award. So here goes...

1. I have an irrational fear of drowning. Honestly I have no idea when it started or why, but the thought of going on a boat gives me cold shivers and makes me want to run to the desert to get away from the water LOL

2. I am obsessive when it comes to pegs and hanging out the washing. If it the piece of clothing requires 2 pegs, they HAVE to be the same colour/style of peg. I do know others who are worse LOL but hey, this is bad enough.

3. I am an only child, and I still resent the fact that I don't have any siblings. Not sure why, heck i'm 30 I should be over it by now, but as I get older it really stands out for me more that i'm it.

4. Even though my family me absolutely EVERYTHING to me and I treasure every moment with them, I also crave alone time. Think this is an only child thing, but I don't cope very well if I don't get at least a little bit of alone time each day.

5. When I was younger I always hated staying over other people's houses. It took me many years to be ok with it. Even to the point of not going on school camps because the thought of being away from home for even 2 nights just made me very anxious.

6. I always wanted to be pregnant or have at least one child by the time I was 25, even to the point where if I had to be a single Mum, I would have (luckily I didn't have to, and I was pregnant with Master L at 25!).

7. When I get cranky I clean. Quite a handy thing really and you can quite often tell if i've been in a bad mood cause the house is clean to within an inch of its life LOL It calms me down quickly and gives me back that sense of achievement that sometimes gets lost around here.

Wow, didn't think i'd get to the end of that. Who would have thougth that 7 things would make me think so hard LOL

The 7 'Kreativ Blogger's' that I nominate are (in no particular order!)....

1. Bec at

2. Sam at

3. Deb at

4. Toni at

5. Jen at

6. Clare at

7. Kwebbel at

Have fun :) :)


Cassandra-ann said...

aww your too sweet!
I loved your answers, I am the same re the cranky and the cleaning , nothing like angry energy to get stuff done huh ;-)

Cassandra xx

Kwebbel said...

Oh thank you very much - for this cute award!
Lovly Greetings throm Germany