Friday, August 28, 2009

14 Weeks and the Ob Appointment

I've copied this from a forum I spend time at, sorry for anyone who is reading this twice ;) I figured I typed it all out once, may as well just copy it on over (how slack?? LOL)

Well, what an afternoon yesterday was. Took over an hour to be seen (oh yes, I so love public once again), then get called in by one of the Obs I saw with P. He is nice enough but very hard to understand, so spent a few times asking him to repeat (gosh I hate doing that, I feel so very rude!). Blood pressure was good 110/70, heard Bub's heartbeat (by far the BEST part about the whole afternoon) and all seems to be measuring well. He noticed that I was due for a pap smear, so I got to have one of those lovelies too. Will get the results from that next visit in 5wks time (unless something comes up before hand).

So anyway he never said anything about the caesar, so I did. It is the hospitals policy that they will not allow any trials of any sort for a VBA2C. They are a Level 2 hospital and have no ICU, only a High Dependency Unit and because of that they cannot take the risk. According to the Dr after the first caesar you have a 1 in 200 risk of rupture, well it goes to 1 in 100 in subsequent caesars.

So I kept on, being positive and said well what if I'm adamant about not having another one, what happens then. Well apparently after my morphology scan they will 'review my case with a consultant' and after that they will decide if they will refer me onto the Mater in the city. It would then be up to the consultants at the Mater to decide if anyone would be willing to take on my case considering how high risk it would be, it is 'highly unlikely' but he couldn't say for sure.

He then went on to ask why so I said that it was because of the last caesar being so traumatic and how I don't want to be put into that position again. He thought I meant after the actual surgery and I said 'ohhh that wasn't the greatest but i'm talking about DURING!' So he flicked back through my notes from Master P's birth (you know, the ones that i've requested months ago and still no word about them) and it states that my spinal did not work properly and that is why they sedated me. I said I know that, I felt pretty much everything they did but waited until I knew my baby was ok before saying anything.

The look on his face at that point was pretty priceless actually. He then went on to say that if I did have to have another caesar that they could do a general and then I would have to worry about any of that. Well sorry buddy, but I want that even less than the actual caesar!! Heck, I have had enough problems bonding with my caesar babies after they have been born without having to deal with missing the first few hours of their birth due to being knocked out.

So needless to say I wasn't in a very good headspace last night. Nothing can be even thought of until I have my 18-20wk scan and then head back to the Dr's clinic on the 1st October.

Oh he did tell us one story. One lady was so set on having a vaginal delivery after her 2 previous caesars that when she went into labour, she stayed at home until the last possible moment and then went in. She did deliver vaginally, and had a bit of a bleed (which he didn't say was a rupture, but just said bleed) but they had no choice but to deliver because she was so far gone.

Ahhh yes, my 'plan B' ;) I have thought about doing that too. Even Mum who was here looking after the kids said 'well what's stopping you from doing that?'

But anyway, not a very positive afternoon - well except for hearing Bub's heartbeat! I shall just hold onto that for now.

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