Friday, February 06, 2009

What a Week!!

Phew! Thank goodness it's Friday is all I will say!

It has been one of those weeks, that whilst it was GREAT it was also crazy at the same time.

Monday - boys were at kindy. Finally they are starting to enjoy it again. With all the older kids heading off to prep, there was a bit of a shift around with rooms etc. So the boys were feeling it a bit. All is great now, and Master L is doing so much better! Master H has always loved it, never had a problem with him going but when his brother is having issues, he goes out in sympathy. But, having said that, I do not regret the boys going to Kindy. With the needs of our family, and the issues that Mr B has, we are doing everything we can to hopefully stop what he has gone through, happening to our children.

Tuesday - at home day today which was made brighter by a visit from a friend 'T' and her little guy, 'O'. I watched 'O' while 'T' went and had an x-ray, and the boys had so much fun together. I'm heading out with 'T' on Monday which I am looking forward to!

Wednesday - Kindy day again, and the boys were even more excited to be going. They are learning about dinosaurs at the moment, which is great because they both love dinosaurs! Today I also made the VERY important decision that I am signing up as a Creative Memories Consultant!! I am VERY excited about this, and have so much going through my head with ideas/thoughts etc it's hard to know where to start LOL

Unfortunately though, the wonderful morning I was having was short lived. We received a phone call from someone that completely came out of the blue. This person ripped the daylights out of me and to say I was shocked is a massive understatement! Not only was I insulted, but my family and our extended family were also ridiculed and called names that neither Mr B or myself deserved or expected from this person. I was barely given a chance to respond to any of the accusations at all before I was threatened with a harrassment order (pity I wasn't the one harrassing, and never have we harrassed at ANY time!) and then he hung up on me.

I'll give you a hot tip. If you ever want to piss me off, just hang up on me. LOL It's like waving the red flag at the bull!

Luckily Mr B was at home when this happened (he had arrived home from work not long before) and I was telling him what had just happened when the phone rang again. And yes, again it was this guy ringing and abusing me again. OMG seriously, it was CRAZY! Going on and on about complete crap. But then he made the mistake of calling my husband a pussy. He called him a pussy for not coming to the phone (he never asked to speak to him, was too busy yelling at me!) and also a pussy for not talking much the last time we got together. Well that was it, I lost the plot. This person knows that Mr B has issues with social anxiety, and I was disgusted that he made a comment like that, knowing all of this. Uggghh!! Mr B got on the phone then and was so good! I am VERY proud of the way he handled the phone call.

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty crappy. I was a big bundle of nerves after being yelled at (or should I say screamed at!) twice, so the day was just not the best.

Thursday - woke up great and looking forward to today. Was catching up with another friend 'M' and her 2 boys, that we haven't seen for ages. The kids all got along really well which was great, and all was going well until the damn phone rang again. Uggghh yes, it was 'him' ringing back again. This time under the guise of an apology. Too bloody right you should mate. But once again, the phone call went on and on, and our family were being blamed for things that we shouldn't be. All because of insecurities. Oh dear, I know how much being insecure can taint your life, but this was beyond anything that I think i've ever felt before (and I thought I was bad!). Anyway, more threats were made, to which this time I laughed at but then he started on another track. He was saying stuff about us that he shouldn't know. How he knows this we have NO idea, but yes it put the wind up us both.

I'll make this clear, neither Mr B, nor myself have anything to hide. BUT, when someone starts saying things about how much they know about you its a bit freaky!!

Anyway, back on track. The rest of the day was great. Why? Because I got to have my say on the whole situation to this person, and whilst he hung up on me again (yep, pissed me off again LOL) it ended with me feeling better this time. Not sure what they were hoping to achieve with these threats and phone calls, but you know what it's done. It's bought Mr B and I closer once again! So maybe I should be thankful for that?? LOL

Friday - I went to an Asperger's Support Group meeting today and oh it was GREAT! It is so nice to talk to other people who understand my man. Who know that even though he has his issues, he does have a heart in there. I learnt a bit today that I didn't know before and oh dear, my heart goes out to everyone who has a child on the Spectrum. The paper trail that they go through is incredible and ridiculous all at the same time! They were such lovely people at the meeting, and very welcoming even though none of the boys have been diagnosed with anything, only Mr B. Will definitely be going back to next month's meeting!

So, a crazy week, yeah? LOL Bring on next week! I'm looking forward to it!!


Bec said...

I'm so glad to hear that the meeting went well and you've found somewhere you can talk, listen, exchange, laugh, cry and experience all the other emotions that go with it. I'd be lost without my group.

As for the other matter - I would be taping the phone calls and taking them to the police -especially if there are threats. Better to be safe than sorry.

Toni said...

Big hugs Mrs B. What a horrid man you had to put up with this week. I'm so glad you felt good in the end but his apology means squat when he starts in on you again. *hugs*