Wednesday, February 11, 2009

He's Growing Up!

Today was the day. My baby boy moved another notch up the 'Growing Up' ladder. Master L started basketball training today! This is my boy's first time doing a sport of any kind, so today was a big day for him.

When we arrived, he was given his ball, which is slightly smaller than a normal basket ball (this training is designed for 4-8yr olds, so smaller balls and hoops are lower) and he was so excited! We got up to the courts and they had them split up into 4 different teams to go into 4 different areas. Shooting hoops, foot skills, learning about the court area and dribbling/passing skills. They do each section for 15mins at a time.

He was very shy to start with, and I had to stand with him as he was practising shooting hoops, but when he moved onto the next section he let me go sit down with Daddy and did so well with his foot skills.

When he got to the foot skill section, he had to put his ball down with everyone else's. No worries, but when it came time to change areas he went to get his ball and someone had picked his up by mistake. Oh dear, my poor little guy was devastated!! He started crying so over I went to tell him it was ok, we would find it, but he was too upset. He tried hard to pull it together but he didn't cope very well, so Daddy went with him on the court to try and get him into it again. They stayed out for a bit longer but came and sat down for the last few minutes.

The good news is, after they finish, they get a Chupa Chup lolly pop, so that soothed him LOL and we found the ball!! So he had a bit of a play with Daddy before we left and was much happier.

He is now looking forward to next week, and knows that if his ball goes AWOL again, its quite ok cause he will get it back at the end :)

My baby isn't a baby anymore!!


Bec said...

Definitely not a baby anymore! Glad to hear that he was so happy - can you mark his ball so that he knows which one is his? Might avoid the stress next week.

Well done Mr L and mum too!

Mrs B said...

Bec, his name was on it and he can read that, it's just he didn't get back to the end of the court quick enough before someone had picked it up. I'm sure he will get better as the time goes on :)

Deb said...

Heh Mandi! We need another update!!!