Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm Excited!

In a little over an hour, my folks will be here to look after the 3 'cherubs' so that Mr B and I can head out for some adult time together. I am so looking forward to it.

Don't get me wrong I love my boys like nothing else, but at the moment I am in desperate need of a Mummy Break. There hasn't been a day in while when I haven't had at least one of them with me, and unfortunately I am one of those people who struggles if I don't get some alone time. Right now, i'm struggling, but in saying that i'm working on it.

The boys are slightly crazy at the moment, and Master L is going through a wonderful 4yr old male testosterone phase and ohh the aggression and fighting that is coming out of him is crazy! Not dealing with that particularly well, mainly because I'm not sure just how to handle it. Lots of counting to 3 lately LOL He is great really, I think he also craves that alone time too (which he got this afternoon when the other 2 had a nap at the same time) and had a great time playing by himself, doing what HE wanted to do.

I bought some pouches for the laminator today, which means actions stations on the new rewards/behaviour chart. Not exactly sure how i'm going to do it yet, but I will work something out. I think it's time we had one again here.

Some days I really struggle being a Mummy, even though I LOVE it and wouldn't change being a Mum for the world. I also really wonder just how to be a Mummy, especially when what I do doesn't seem to work. This last week it would seem that I definitely win the award for the World's Crankiest Mummy, not something i'm proud about at all, but I am able to admit it when i'm in the wrong. Now I just have to really work hard at having some fun rather than being a crank all the time.


Bec said...

I'll fight you for it.... the cranky mum award that is!!!

Seriously though, thanks Mandi - for posting how things really happen in your life - the good, the bad, the ugly (well nothing ugly at your place - just the turn of phrase!). One of the things I like most about your blog is the honesty of what's happening in your life. We all have bad days!!

Have you read 'Raising Boys'? I found it really interesting reading. Particularly about the different ages and what boys need at particular times. I hope the phase passes with Mr L although I'm sure some one-on-one time with you today would have gone along way to help that.

I hope you have a fabulous night out tonight with Mr B and it gives you the time alone to recharge, refresh and replenish those patient mummy moments ;-)

Bella said...

I hear you hon!! I'll throw my hat in the ring too for the cranky mum award (I think our neighbours are very thankful school goes back this week and they don't have to hear the fishwife from next door anymore!)

I enjoyed Raising Boys - gave me some insight into their "world"...happy to lend you my copy if you want to have a read...

Bel P2P