Friday, January 30, 2009

To Scrapbook or Not To Scrapbook?

That is the $1 Million dollar question right now.

No I don't mean should I get all my stuff out right now and go and do a page LOL No i'm talking more than that. I'm talking about whether or not I should become a Scrapbooking Consultant again.

I have an opportunity at the moment to become a consultant with the same crew that I did back in 2002, but this time I don't have to pay the upfront fee that is required. But it comes with a condition, that I have to have booked a certain number of demo's within a certain time frame. If I don't, then I have to pay the upfront fee.

Now I have no worries in doing the actual scrapbooking. I LOVE it. I LOVE the product that they sell, I think its the best stuff out there, but my problem is do I know enough people to get to come to demo's etc. to make it all worthwhile?

The reason why I stopped doing it last time was at the time I was not well, I also had pretty much zero confidence level and was flat out even talking to most people let alone actually telling them about the scrapbooking. It was good though as I was able to get all my products for both myself and Mum at the wholesale price and saved us a lot, so was definitely worth it.

But, can I do it again? Can I make it work this time? I'm excited and yet terrified at the same time LOL Damn this brain of mine and the way that it worries. I REALLY have to work on that. Heck sometimes you just have to jump right? I've certainly got a lot more experience these days with scrapbooking. Last time I'd only been doing it for maybe 12mths before I became a consultant.

Maybe this is my time to jump?

Since this blog is my therapy session LOL here is my list of pros and cons:

  • I LOVE to help people. If I can help teach people to make to get their precious memories into photo safe albums, and make them look good at the same time, whilst having fun doing it then that is definitely a pro!
  • I would be able to make new friends, meet all sorts of different people
  • The products I need to do my own albums, i'd get at a reduced price (wholesale)
  • I'd be passionate about it because I do love scrapbooking. It's easy to do something that you actually love :)
  • We have the space here now to be able to hold classes here at home. I've got a big tressel table, chairs, plenty of room, good lighting, nice and cool, enough space that if Mum's had to bring their kids there is plenty of play areas/toys etc. (have I told you how much I love our house? LOL)
  • I'd be able to do it around the kids and their needs. It's not full time work, but i'd still be able to bring some income into the family.
  • Do I know enough people who would be interested to get started? I know it only takes a couple of people, who know a couple of people, who know a few more people who would be interested. But it's still that initial fear of 'who do I ask?'
  • I have to make a certain number of sales every month (or could be every two months I cannot remember right at this time) to be able to continue being a consultant. What happens if I have a quiet month or what happens if I don't find anyone who is interested?
Really that is it with the cons. They are my two biggest 'fears' if you want to call them that, becaue at the end of the day I have no problems getting up in front of a group and teaching. I know the products, they work really well and i'm only too happy to tell people that when i'm not a consultant LOL. Heck I even have some ideas of what I could do/teach/offer already. The actual business side of things, well i've got enough people around me that if I don't know how to do something i'm sure there would be someone to ask. Otherwise i'm a lot more wiser now when it comes to business that it wouldn't be a problem at all.

So. Why is it so hard to jump?


Bec said...

JUMP Mandi

Close your eyes, have faith in your abilities, hold hands with Mr B and jump in.

I'm sure that you will make it into a success venture! Good luck ;-)

Deb said...

Lay down at night and imagine you've made the decision to do it. Imagine you are out doing it and having classes etc. How do you feel? Are you excited, happy? Or has your energy dropped and you feel down? That'll give you your answer.