Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Friday Again!

And another week has gone by that I haven't sat down and blogged! I must say, it has been a bit crazy around here, but still there is no excuse since I have been online (alot, but sshhh LOL).

So, where did I leave off? Ahh Mr B and work. Well i'm very pleased to say its all going REALLY well and he is enjoying it :) :) He is also enjoying being out of his 'black hole' and getting back into the world again. We have seen such a different side of him over the last 2 weeks that we are all amazed and astonished!

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon/night at a scrapbooking workshop. It has been years since i've been to a crop this long and boy did I have a GREAT time!! I went with a friend 'M' who is only new to scrapping and she had heaps of fun too. I love watching how people go when they first start out scrapbooking. It sure wet my appetite to do more, and now i'm hoping to be able to get to one of the weekend getaways this year.

Monday, ahh yes, my birthday. My 30th birthday to be exact. It was a quiet day, the 2 bigger boys were at kindy so it was just Mr B, Master P and myself at home (well, once Mr B got home from work anyway LOL). We did go out for dinner with my folks and grandmother which was nice. I didn't get drunk, make a fool of myself, go crazy or any of the other things that I 'could' have done LOL Maybe I am growing up?

Wednesday was the anniversary of Mr B and myself getting together. Nine years! Gosh time flys doesn't it. It's our 5th wedding anniversary in April which is scary too!

The most exciting news of the week though is that we are getting a new car *insert Mandi doing a MASSIVE happy dance here*. We are keeping the old one, which is going to turn into Mr B's car while I get the new one. Ok, so it won't be brand new, but it will be bigger :) :) We are off to test drive a couple this afternoon.

Did I mention i'm excited? Why? Well, for a few reasons. One, more room. I'm kind of over being bitten on certain areas of my body whilst trying to do up Master L's seat belt. No its not him who is doing it, but its Master P who I have to lean over to do up the belt. Cheeky child he is!

Two, I love cars and getting a new one is always a highlight. I've wanted a Carnival for a while now, and although we are looking at another one as well (Trajet) it is very similar to the Carnivals so i'm not going to be picky LOL.

Three, well we have the bigger house, and now we are getting the bigger car and you know what that means right? Yes, an extra car seat ;) LOL i'm ready!!

Fingers crossed that both of the cars are wesome and it just comes down to which one we like the best. I've already got the guy to drop the price by $4000, just over the phone, so here's hoping that I can get him to go a little bit lower ;) Haggling here I come!


spirited1au said...

I'm so glad Mr B is doing so well. I know how much of a difference it makes to all facets of life and living;)
I'm already excited about the new edition coming your way and no not the car LOL.;)
Belated Anniversary Wishes too xx

Cassandra-ann said...

Happy Birthday!
Happy Aniversary!
Yay on Mr B's job going well!
Yay on the new car (you know they only seat 5 kids right :-) thats only 2 extra's.... Only Joking ;-)lol)
Did i miss anything? sounds like you've been super busy :-)

Deb said...

YAY MANDI!!!!! WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! (Do I sound excited for you? Cause I AM!!!!!). Can't wait to see the new Mikey and try out the new car!!! Can't wait to give you your birthday present too!!!

Mrs B said...

Oh slack blogger, I forgot to reply here!

Thanks for the birthday and anniversary wishes :)

LOL Cass, yeah I know they only seat 5 kids ;) I really think 4 is the magic number for us though. Think i'd get shot if I wanted another one LOL