Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Bored

Yes, like the title says, i'm bored. How sad is that?!? I've got plenty I could be doing but i'm so tired at the moment that I just can't be stuffed doing any of it, so now I sit here with my brain going 'blah' cause it doesn't like not doing anything LOL

The brain is active, its a pity the body just wants to curl up in the corner and sleep for about a week.

Not having the best of days today. I'm an old hormonal cow again, got to love that, so mix crazy hormones with someone who isn't sleeping well and oh boy have we got a great combo! So far today i've been happy, sad, depressed. I've yelled, laughed, had fun. I've cried, moped, let everything get to me. And now, at 9:51pm, i'm bored.

Please tell me i'm not the only one who has crazy days like today? And no, just before anyone asks me, i'm not pregnant LMAO That seems to be the usual questions these days when I have these hormonal crazy moments! Heck i've been so busy in the last few weeks I have no idea where the heck i'm up to with my cycle!

Right now, my main obsession is finding us a new car. I've been doing preliminary searches for 'the one' for a few months now, which has been great. I've learnt lots, built up my car language repitoire to a point where i'm not scared of the dealers (they have always intimidated me in the past!!), and I know what cars are selling for at the moment. So why is it now, when we have the funds to actually buy one of these beasts is it that they have all fallen off the face of the internet? The ones that looked good, priced right are now trying to be flogged off for a few thousand more than before. *sighs*

And the dealers, ugghh so why is it that because I don't have that extra bit that hangs between my legs i'm not good enough to deal with? Yes, my husband is with me, yes he does know stuff as well but mate, I'M the one that will be driving the car 99% of the time. It's ME who needs to be happy here, not him! If I like the look of that car over there, it's in my price range, I'd like to give it a test drive, then don't look at Mr B and say 'you don't want that one mate, it's this one you want', and disregard what I'm saying.

Hmmm venting there, sorry about that, but geez it gets my goat sometimes why some men think they are better than women when it comes to things like car knowledge.

Anyway, after much discussion with a few people now we currently *think* we are going to persue either a Chrysler Voyager or a Toyota Tarago. If any of you lovely lurker's out there have any reviews on these sorts please let me know!!

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Won't it? LOL


Cassandra-ann said...

Hey Mandi,
we have been down this road before with the cars, honestly i'd go with the tarago, i LOVE the voyagers but they have more go wrong with them, and you have to wait for parts to come in (sometimes for weeks) and they are more expensive, (but i still lke them :-), not that they seat enough for us anyway...) Toyota's you cant kill with a big stick, they are cheap to fix and easy to fix too, even minor things like oil filters can be a nightmare in 'other' kinds of cars, and they hold their resale alue, should ever need to up grade to something bigger again ;-) lol

Bec said...

Good luck with the car shopping - I'm sure just the right car at just the right price is just around the corner for your family.

Dee said...

Hi Mandi!

I'm sorry you're feeling a little out of sorts. I'm feeling a little the same myself and think a multi-vitamin might be in order.

As for the cars, it really is a personal choice thing isn't it? We have a '04 Chrysler Grand Voyager and LOVE it! We've had no major mechanical problems and have never had to wait for parts etc (and we've lived in Townsville and Adelaide with it). It is a little heavy on the brakes, but I'm not sure if that's the car or my driving. We rented a Tarago when we moved down here and tbh I couldn't wait for my car to arrive - but as I said personal preference.

If I had my way we'd still have our 4wd but there was just no leg room in the 3rd row seat for my lanky legged big boys.

Hope I haven't confused the issue ;)

Dee x

Mrs B said...

Dee, you have definitely not confused the issue! I was already confused enough beforehand LOL

I have noticed that the Tarago's hold their value, even the really old ones are still going for more than what I personally would pay for them.

We drove a Voyager the other day and whilst that car had issues, it still felt really nice and not too big iykwim?

Couple more to hopefully check out today, so will see how we go.

Thanks for the reviews though!! It is definitely appreciated :) :)