Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 is going to be FINE!

That is my motto for the new year. Not sure why I felt I needed one, but it just seemed right. The year seems to be starting off on a good grounding, which I think goes to pave the way for how the rest of the year pans out. Yes, there is room for change in there, but well take last year for example, we had a death in the family from a long term illness right at the start of the year and the rest of the year was filled with yucky illnesses!

So far this year we have had a great time as a family. Mr B (one day i'll share more about him, but for now i'll just say that his 'issues' cause more problems then not) has been really great. More social than usual, happy to do things with the extended family, been playing with the kids heaps and at his discretion, not just from me asking him too or the kids asking him to play. We have even been out for dinner just the two of us, which was lovely!

Having said that though, the biggest and best news out of all that has happened so far (LOL makes it sound like we are about 3 months into the year, not just 5 days) is that today, he started a new job *insert Mandi doing a MASSIVE happy dance here*.

What's more is, he has come home from his first morning and is happy and looks like he is going to be ok with it all.

Sure, what's the big deal you all say? Well, he hasn't been able to work properly for a while now. A few years ago now he had a massive breakdown and has been suffering major depression ever since. We have also found out that he has Asperger's and also extreme social anxiety disorder. Mix all those 3 together, and basically you get a shell of a man who at times cannot even talk to his wife or children, let alone speak to anyone in public.

Anyway, i'm not going into all the other stuff now, but just had to post to say how proud I am of my darling man, and that this year IS GOING TO BE FINE!!! :) :) We both have great plans for this coming time, and to start off like this, well it just puts us in the right direction for the future.


:) :)

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