Saturday, January 03, 2009

Confession Saturday...

Just before Christmas Mr B and I decided to finally give into temptation. Yes, we purchased a Nintendo Wii. We have wanted one for ages now, and after much deliberation, umming, ahhing and you know all the stuff that you do when you want to make a purchase like this, well we gave into our want.

Now, i'm not entirely sure it was a good thing. Why? Cause i'm ADDICTED!

I am LOVING it. The kids are LOVING it. Even Mr B, amidst his frustration at getting the controllers to do what he wants them to do in the fighting games, loves it too! The only problem with all this love that is being thrown around, is that we want MORE!

Yes, addiction is a nasty thing, especially when you need more to satisfy that craving LOL At the moment, to satisfy my cravy I NEED a WiiFit. I'm not asking for much, just the funky little balance board that will in turn help with exercise and fitness. With the 40 different exercise functions to make it varied and fun. Yes, i've seen the video clips, i've heard the stories, i've felt that fun oozing through the laptop screen.

But, do you think I can buy one? Oh no, not now! I think i've run just about every gaming type store in the Greater Brisbane area to locate one of these babies, and I keep getting the same line 'Sorry, we have sold out'. AGGHHHHH!!

Before Christmas I had my choice of stores to buy it from, all ranges of prices. But we thought we would wait till after Christmas to see if the shops had any good specials. Well it would seem that every man and his dog bought a Wii for Christmas and had the same idea as us.

So now I have to wait. Oh dear, waiting is soooo hard LOL Most of the shops have no idea when they will get stock in either. Could be 2 weeks, could be mid February. OMG, do they not know that I NEED one now?

Yes, I know, pathetic isn't it. Off I go to play more bowling and tennis. Maybe the Universe is telling me to increase my fitness with Sport before the Fit arrives LOL. Patience is a virtue isn't it?

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Dee said...

ROFL Mandi! Maybe we can start a Wii Addicts club!

I have the Wii-Fit but can't keep the ds's off it long enough for it to do any good! They don't like it when my "turn" takes half an hour. ;)