Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 - The Year That Was

2008 saw exciting things happen for us, but it also saw some not so exciting things too. So let's do a quick year in review...

January - Mr B's parents were still here on holidays after arriving just after Boxing Day. Mr B and I had our birthdays. It also saw us with a trip down to Sydney for Mr B's Grandad's funeral. Although it was a sad time, it was also a happy time to catch up with all the family. We were also able to reconnect with Mr B's daughter and her family, which whilst it was stressful to say the least, was also great to finally meet her!

February - we went through a big change within ourselves. We were considering a move down to Sydney to be closer to Mr B's family. After much consideration and deliberation, we trusted the Universe and what it provides for us, so we stayed in Brisbane. A decision that we are both very happy that we made.

March - Master L and Master H started at kindy! Although I am a SAHM, this decision was made as both the boys were starting to suffer major social anxieties, and with Mr B and his problems (Asperger's and Extreme Social Anxiety Disorder) we felt that the boys needed time in a different situation and around children their own age. We have seen such major improvements in both the boys, especially Master L, that we are VERY happy we put them in.

April - we had a visit from Mr B's folks. They came up so FIL could march in the Anzac Day Parade in Brisbane. Easter was a quiet one this year, which was nice. This month was a big one for me, as I completeled my Level II Reiki.

May - must have been a quiet month LOL I cannot for the life of me remember anything exciting happening! Not to say it didn't, just my brain is not working how it used to LOL

June - we celebrated Master H's 2nd birthday. He had a lovely day, and although we didn't have a party for him this year as he was sick, he had fun with NanNan and Grandad, and also Gi-Gi.

July - all of us sick once again. A major theme in 2008 was all of us sick. Usually we only had one down at a time, but as soon as one was starting to get better, the next one would drop. Vicious circle!!

August - Master L's 4th birthday! He had a lovely day, spent the morning at Kindy as they had a Pirate Party Day (how good was the timing for that?!?). NanNan made him an awesome pirate cake which we took to Kindy so he could share with his friends. I bought them home just after lunch and cake, so we could do presents and have a play before heading out to Sizzler's for dinner (his choice!).

September - It's house moving time!! YAYYYYY!! We went from a small 3 bedroom house with one batheroom and one living area to a 4 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, 2 living areas and ohhh so much space!! To say we LOVE it is a massive understatement LOL The kids have a designated playroom now, and although it doesn't have a door, they still know that the toys need to stay in that area. The move was massive but so worth it. We also had another visit from Mr B's folks, and good timing as we had just moved into the new house, so they were able to see it.

October - well what a crappy month this was! My Dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Luckily enough they found it early (PLEASE, get your husbands/partners/fathers/grandfathers and tell them the importance of having checks, even if its not a pleasant experience its better than having cancer!!). Dad had surgery to have his prostate removed as he wasn't risking anything. His results came back that it was a very aggressive cancer, so he is very glad he had it removed. He now has the all clear, which we are all VERY thankful for :)

October also saw Mr B in hospital. He had a massive gallbladder attack which landed him in hospital for 2 nights, then home for 2 nights before going back in to have it removed. He did really well whilst he was in there, came through the surgery really well and was home the next day! I've told both of them that they can stop now, no more hospital visits thank you very much LOL

November - Master P's first birthday!! Still hard to believe that our little guy, who was so impatient to get here, has been here for a whole year. After some trials, we have now triumphed and no longer do we have the massive long screaming sessions that we did have. He now goes off to sleep by himself, and early, and wakes after about 12hrs. He also has a big sleep during the day and due to all this we have seen such a remarkable improvement with him, its amazing!

December - CHRISTMAS!! Since i've only a few days ago posted about it I won't bore you all again LOL Nothing much else has happened worthy of note so I guess that means onto 2009!! Bring it on, we are ready and raring to go!!


Dee said...

WOW! What an eventful year for you! So glad that your dad's cancer has been removed successfully and that Mr B's gall bladder is all sorted (my mum had the same thing last year).
Here's to 2009 and lots of success and joy for you and yours.

Veronica Lee said...

Happy New Year and welcome to MBC !!

Cassandra-ann said...

Mandi, what an interesting year you had to say the least! i hope 2009 brings you all your hopes and dreams, oh and i am so glad to hear your dad is okay, how scary!

I wonder if we have/had the same thing, i can feel my glands on one side up really bad and that whole side of my neck feels so swollen and tender, its so painful! i am feeling slightly better today though so maybe the antibiotics are starting to work, well hopefully they are anyway ;-) i cant takemuch more of this constant pain aarrgghh! lol

Mrs B said...

Thanks Dee, Veronica and Cassandra :) yes, an eventful year, but hopefully we have left all the sickness behind in 2008 so everyone can move forward and have a fabulous 2009.

Cass, that does sound exactly like what I was like. I was actually starting to wonder (before I went to the Dr's that is) if my thyroid was playing up bigtime as my neck was swollen on one side. VERY painful, knocked me about quite a bit. Definitely get back to the Dr's if those anti-b's don't seem to be working enough in the next day or so.

Deb said...

2008 was certainly a big year Mandi! Looking forward to seeing an even BIGGER 2009!!!