Monday, December 29, 2008

Time for a catch up!

Slack blogger again. I keep thinking of things i'd like to write in here, but then I get sidetracked and forget. I have decided though that no matter the subject i'm going to write about it. This is my outlet to get things out of my head and off my chest, so that is my resolution, to keep it up to date more.

Now that i've said that, I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed the time whether it be spent with family or friends. We had a really lovely Christmas this year, the boys are at a fantastic age to really get into it more. The day was spent here at home, with my Mum and Dad and also my grandmother (Gi-Gi) coming just before lunch and then spending the rest of the day with us.

Even though we said that we wouldn't go crazy this year on buying presents for the boys, well it didn't happen and of course they got stacks again. Oh well, i'm not too worried. At the end of the day they only get gifts from a few people so we just make up the shortfall ;)

Boxing Day was also lovely this year. We spent the day with my Aunty and cousin at Caloundra and it was so nice! We had a yummy lunch, a swim in the pool, played on the deck of the penthouse overlooking the beach, drank champagne and then finished the day off with a walk down to Kings Beach for a little play on the sand. We don't 'do' beaches, so this was a very rare occasion and it was fun! I will post some pics when I get them from Mum's camera.

We had a semi-quiet day on Saturday, the boys were going crazy in their 'come down' from the couple of busy days. The 3 of them and I did go down to the shops for a little while, which was only slightly crazy but we survived LOL

Sunday was spent up at another Aunt and Uncles house at Mt Tamborine. Oh how I love it up there! One day I would love to just go exploring Gallery Walk and potter around the little shops up there soaking in all the atmosphere. It's not a place for little kids though, so will have to wait for that day I think. Was great catching up with all the family though, more yummy food, lots of laughs and lots of photography. Had a bit of a hairy ride home down the Mt though, as it had started to storm. We got to drive through the clouds which the boys thought was pretty cool.

Have a few photos to post, but have to go and feed the big boys so will do those in another post :)

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