Monday, November 10, 2008

Well so much for updating this every couple of days! Always a good thought, but really I haven't had that much to talk about (yes, shock horror huh LOL).

Been feeling a bit odd lately, which is annoying to say the least. I'm not sick, just not feeling 100% either. Just wish my body would hurry up and work out what it wants to do instead of being in 'limbo land'.

So, what's been happening around here? Well the boys are growing like crazy. It's now one week till my baby boy's birthday and i'm feeling very nostalgic about it. My sweet little Screamasaurus, who while he is intense sometimes (hence the name!) is such a loving little cutie with his gorgeous pale blue eyes and beautiful big smile. He is now cruising along the furniture, rather than just standing around. He is really cheeky though, if you try to get him to say 'Mumma' he giggles, shakes his head and says 'Dadda' instead. Oh my! LOL What a boy :) I'm excited to see the little boy he is growing into, but i'm also sad to see my baby growing up. Doesn't help that i'm clucking around like an old chicken LOL

This past week I have gotten back my creative bug, and i'm LOVING it! I finally finished scrapbooking our wedding album. We have been married for 4 1/2 years, and I started it not all that long after we got married but hey, in that time I have also had 3 babies, so I got sidetracked a bit LOL.

I went to a friend's house on Friday night for a scrapbooking workshop, and oh it was so much fun! I have no problems scrapping by myself, but its just so much better when you have someone to do it with. There was 6 of us doing the workshop with our instructor, a job that I used to do myself, and we all laughed, made fun of each other, laughed a bit more and of course got a great page done. Next workshop is at my house, and i'm so looking forward to it. Just wish it wasn't a month away!

Not to worry, I think the bug has bitten enough for me to do more on my own before the next one. Might have to invite my friend over to have a scrapping afternoon together. She is brand new to scrapbooking (although a great card maker!) so its fun showing her how to use the tools and other designs. Heck, i've even considered going back into being a consultant, but not sure if I am ready to do that yet. Time will tell though!

Boring update I know, but hey, its me, and at least it isn't a whinging one like last time LOL

Good Night :)


The Mad_House said...

Ahhh cluck cluck, won't be long now! LOL ;)

Can't believe that little Screamasaurus is 1 ! WOW

Have fun with your scrapbooking :)

Dee said...

I'll agree with her up there!

I can't believe the little man is turning 1! Don't you just want to put him in the freezer and keep him this age forever? I know I did (with all of them)

Happy scrapping, you'll have to scan a couple of pages and post them so I can sticky beak. ;)