Friday, October 31, 2008


Do you ever just sit and wonder? Wonder what life would be like if you were someone else? Or maybe just wonder why people do and say what they do?

Life works in funny ways, and each of those keeps being shown to me lately by the ever wonderful Universe that we live in. Just when you think you know someone, something strange and odd happens and you realise that they really weren't the person you thought after all.

What bugs me even more is, at times when i've had feelings as to them not being quite right I squash them, not trusting what i'm feeling because, well because I thought they were someone different.

In the past week it would seem that i've lost two, so called *friends* and you know, that is a horrible feeling. Why horrible? Because I didn't go with my gutt feeling and trust some of the vibes that they were giving off. No, I squashed them, and in the meantime I almost feel like i've become a pawn in a crazy game of chess! Plus, it wasn't just me who was being played, it was a very good friend too, and that annoys me even more.

BUT, having said all that, it is time to move on. I know i'm the bigger person out of all of the mess that has happened. I also know that I no longer need these toxic, life sucking people in my life.

It's time! It's time to let my vibrations flow high and free. It's time for new journey's to begin. To let creative juices flow. To allow myself to welcome new and exciting people, opportunities and abundances into my life.

Life is GOOD!

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Bec said...

((hugs)) Because it sounds like you need them.
Hope things are looking up now;-)