Thursday, October 23, 2008

The week so far...

Well what a week! Monday saw us at the Dr's with Master H and a nasty double ear infection *sighs* Two months now we have been dealing with his ears being infected and being on anti-biotics and as soon as they start to clear, bam they are bad again! But he is a great little trooper and the only way I knew he was bad was the really high temps!

Tuesday saw us at the hospital with Mr B having his gallbladder removal surgery. After several stressed out hours for me (he was oblivious under the anestheatic LOL), my man was finally wheeled back to the ward and had done brilliantly.

Wednesday, great day cause 'Daddy comes home!' Yes, it was the boys catchcry for the morning before Master L and Master H headed off to kindy. Master P and I then went and picked him up and it was great to see him doing so well.

I'm a terrible worrywort, especially when it comes to those who I love the most in this world. So to have him in pain and going through that was a very anxious time for me. But he did great, and deep down I knew he would. Hey, he isn't getting away from me that easily LOL

That brings us to today. What a whacked out crazy day it has been. To start off with, the weather! Its nearly the end of October and today I wore a big jumper for most of the day. Sure ok, not weird to some, but yesterday it was hot enough for me to be wearing a sleeveless shirt and still be warm. Next, it would seem that with this strange old weather day, the kids decide to go crazy. Before I could even get the sleep haze off my face, Master P had spiked a 39.9 degree temperature, Master L and Master H had a massive fight landing them both into time out (and in tears!) and me feeling like i'd been hit by a truck with a massive headache. Oh the joys! Got to LOVE days like these LOL

We have managed to turn it around though. After several bouts of screaming from Master P (lets not mention they were over an hour in length each time! Oi my ears!) he seems to have calmed down. We have only had one lot of fighting tonight, resulting in a bite (OMG when did my children learn that trick??) and Master H landing himself in bed straight after that effort. And to top it off, The Wiggles have done their job and Master L is now asleep on the lounge.

Blissful peace has descended on our house! Lets hope that it stays that way tonight, cause boy oh boy, we all need the peace, quiet and sleep.

I am also hoping that this is the LAST week that we have like this again. Onto much brighter times in our lives thank you :)


Deb said...

Yay for the peace Mandi! And congratulations for surviving the day.

Bec said...

Well done on getting through a tough week!!
Fingers crossed everyone gets better and better from here on in!

The Mad_House said...

WOW, sounds like you need more than a panadol Mandi!
I hope this week is a lot calmer...and quieter! :p