Thursday, August 18, 2011

Loud Shirt Day

A few days ago, the ever lovely Mrs Woog from Woogsworld posted this amazing video....

It has really struck a chord with me. Not only do I think Jack is an amazing little man, and seriously, I think everyone should remember his name because that boy is destined to be famous one day. But I think everyone should support hearing causes more.

Master H's best friend has hearing issues. After talking lots with his gorgeous Mumma, it is still something that people see as 'taboo'. Me, heck I think this little guy is awesome and he is teaching my child acceptance and understanding of a subject that some adults could do with a few lessons in too.

So, what can you do to support this cause? Well, go and check out the Loud Shirt Day website. Wear your loudest shirt on October 21st, and give anything you can to support deaf children to receive that awesome gift of hearing.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, inspiring - I have tears :) Thanks Mrs Woog for sharing Jack with the rest of us!