Sunday, July 10, 2011

On a Sunday Afternoon

As a mum to 4 kids, it means that my 'adult time' is clearly lacking. I love being a Mumma to these crazy kids, but I also love being 'me'. In saying that though, over the last 7years I have started to lose who I am, and have evolved into 'mummy me'. Some days I sit back and wonder just who the real me is.

Then I have afternoons like today, and I then realise that I am still there. Underneath the surface, ok so maybe a bit further down than the surface, but today I caught a glimpse of it again!

Want to know what it looked like?


Hello Mr Choo!

Yes I took a risk. I'm not a big risk taker, especially when it comes to bags so for me to buy a RED bag, is a big one. For me to buy a red bag with a FLOWER on it, holy shit people, i'll be wearing a puffer vest next!

And just when I thought i'd finished with my afternoon of spending. Along comes suspect number two.

Hello D&G, welcome to the family

My addiction used to be shoes and then nappies (the modern cloth kind). But now, I think i've found a new one. Could be worse right?

What's your addiction?


Mark said...

Sorry, handbags do nothing for me. LOL! As for addictions ... TECH TOYS baby! (Of course, in my book, color TV was a high tech toy. LOL!)

Anonymous said...

Lovely! ;)

Just popping by to say you won a $40 Euky Bearub pack over at my blog -

...from the post -

If you could email me your details, that would be fantastic! x

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Red Handbag! Love it!
You have to splurge. Right now my addiction is Organic and Bamboo baby clothes.. haha
Baby obsessed right now. i don't mind tho, it's only week 3. Hopefully it will ware off soon and i will be back to my very healthy SHOE addiction x