Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Half Way!

Today, my two big boys returned back to school after having two weeks holidays. We actually made it out of the house on time, everyone had everything and you know what? I only had to yell once. Hard to believe we are already half way through the schooling year.

I'm by far not the perfect Mumma. I yell far more than I should. I use bribery a lot. Goodness knows i've done things that I swore I'd never do in regards to parenting but sometimes you just have to do these things to survive.

Surviving these holidays has been a necessity. All 6 of us have been sick, Mr B had toe surgery, I managed to get myself a case of shingles and yet here we are on the first day back and everyone has survived!

So what I am going to do today? Shoe shopping, that's what! Surely I can splurge a little on myself after going crazy for the last 2 weeks.

Wish me luck to find the 'perfect' pair of boots.

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